Penalize benefits fraud

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “Our View: Public benefits fraud too acceptable — common and weakly punished”:

The editorial did a great job in presenting the facts. I totally agree with it.

My question is concerning the Atlantic County large prescription fraud ring involving teachers, firefighters and police who are part of the state insurance benefit program. They stole from the taxpayers.

Will they lose their jobs, but most importantly, will they lose their pensions, or will they continue to steal from the taxpayers of this state?

James A. Beebe


Driving is a challenge

Surviving the daily conditions of some drivers who don’t care about the danger caused by their driving habits is challenging. Some of the offenders are:

The zig-zaggers who must win their race to their destination.

The car or truck that is directly behind you by inches, who wants you to drive their speed.

Those drivers in the third lane who want to speed up to cross lanes, and believe that police cars won’t ticket cars in the slow lane.

Stop signs, right turn on red lights, vehicles not allowed signs, are all for “other drivers.”

Don’t realize turn signals are for other drivers who want to know their plan fast.

Hair repair, nose cleaning, meals, coffee, cell phone use and any distraction are all dangerous causes for accidents and death.

All drivers must care for themselves and all other drivers on the roads.

To the speeders, please put a number on your car so as to know which car number won the race.

Louis Green

Mays Landing

Help local people first

America first. I’ve recently decided to send $100 a month to the local Atlantic City Salvation Army to help feed the homeless. Local people, Americans, not illegal immigrants.

I am not for illegal immigration or people seeking asylum in this country. Just recently I read that Northfield and other towns have shelters for people seeking asylum. All that money sent from the government should be allocated to help Atlantic City shelters and other organizations that help local people. I’m sorry but a lot of our people and our veterans need help way before people seeking asylum or immigrants. It’s America first. Let’s keep it that way.

Dave Leopold


Utility work disruptive

I am writing in regard to work being done in my neighborhood in Pleasantville to put in new natural gas lines. The work involves digging up the street, sidewalk and other places.

To my knowledge, neither the city nor company has notified the neighbors regarding what will occur, when it will occur or how we will be affected. As a result, streets have closed, many of us have had to make adjustments to our schedules, parking, etc. How long this will occur, no one seems to know.

I think it’s very poor planning and a lack of consideration.

T. Juanita Habron


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