A.C. candidate: Sue state

The fact that Atlantic City’s task force met with no immediate results for taxpayers surprised no one, especially the property owners of Atlantic City. The same politicos who drove the taxes up, and plunged Atlantic City into about $500 million in debt, should not be those looking for solutions. They didn’t cure the problem the first few times around.

Under state guidance we have watched blight take over sections of town, poverty increase to over 40% of residents, owner occupancy continue to decrease as residents flee a failing town (coincidentally, the same happens on the statewide level), and a crime increase aided by becoming the dumping ground for social problems from throughout the region.

The state continues trying to build its way out of the problems, without addressing the underlying socioeconomic problems of poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and crime.

It’s very simple: The state takes too much money from Atlantic City. It will not change until there is a movement to take back some of the money and power from the state, which has killed the golden goose, leaving behind nothing but cracked eggs.

I am an independent candidate on the ballot in Column C. I believe it is time to start a class action suit against the state for taking and squandering our financial resources and leaving us without any real representation or civil rights.

Geoff Rosenberger

Atlantic City

O.C. gulls laugh last at proposal to hunt them

Regarding the recent letter, “Reduce gulls with a hunt”:

The letter writer proposed a gull hunt in Ocean City. If you are going to hunt laughing gulls in the winter, you’ll have to go to the Carolinas, Florida or the Gulf Coast. Laughing gulls migrate south every winter.

Since they are migratory birds, they are protected under the Migratory Bird Act. This is a federal law, so you would need federal approval.

Finally, just what is “food-web dynamics”? The writer used a lot of words that I feel obscuref that he didn’t don’t know what he was talking about.

Bill O’Neill

Ocean City

Renters need tax credit

Reading the recent article, “Atlantic City, the next ‘filmmaking capital,” was more than exciting. The New Jersey Film Tax Credit seems to be attracting filmmakers, but there’s another tax credit we need even more: a renters tax credit.

I recently visited Rep. Jeff Van Drew on Capitol Hill to have a brief conversation about a few things: the desperate housing crisis, the serious need for a renter’s tax credit, and the catastrophe of a racial wealth gap that is present in New Jersey. We’re at a critical point when it comes to income inequalities and the dire need for housing assistance is only increasing.

Renters are more likely to be people of color, and in an era where the price of a home is rising faster than wages, it’s almost impossible to buy a home for lower-income families. The housing crisis and the racial wealth gap are interconnected and if we improve one we will certainly improve the other.

I appreciate Van Drew’s dedication to South Jersey and its veterans, and I hope he’ll show his support for a renter’s tax credit.

Alexia Lewis


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