Backs Czarkowski, Wright

Ocean County is once again in the national news because of an unjust decision by its freeholders, including current Freeholder Deputy Director John Kelly.

Back in 2005, the freeholders denied the dying wish of a 25-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, Lt. Laurel Hester, to pass her pension and other survivor benefits to her longtime domestic partner. Although the freeholders could have extended this benefit to same-sex domestic partners, they voted against it with Kelly saying to do so would threaten “the sanctity of marriage.”

The freeholder’s decision brought an immediate public outcry, including from Hester’s fellow officers. The freeholders ultimately reversed their decision in a 4-0 vote, with Kelly not present to vote. This blot on Ocean County’s reputation is a gift that keeps on giving, drawing negative national attention as the subject of an Oscar winning documentary in 2008 and a major motion picture starring Julianne Moore in 2015. And now a tweet by Moore has brought renewed attention.

I think it’s time we finally put this sordid history behind us, electing freeholders who will represent all the citizens of Ocean County. It’s time to clean house. I support Jean Czarkowski and David Wright, leaders of the highest integrity and accomplishment, who are committed to improving the lives of a Ocean County residents.

Nancy Caira


Against Galloway’s Coppola

Regarding the recent letter, “Dirty political campaigns don’t belong in Galloway”:

Mayor Tony Coppola declared that dirty political campaigns don’t belong in Galloway Township. I was appalled that the mayor had the audacity to complain about election campaigns being dirty when for years I have witnessed what I consider those exact same politics from him and the Republicans.

Two years ago, after years of costly lawsuits, political payouts and rising taxes, Galloway residents sent a message by voting out former Mayor Don Purdy and his two running mates. Immediately after, Coppola and the remaining Republicans on Township Council appointed Purdy to the influential Galloway Planning Board. After years of allowing what I feel was Purdy misusing his political position for personal financial gain, the Republicans made it clear to me and other Galloway residents that some things just never change.

Enough is enough. We can’t keep re-electing the same people and expect to see different results. As long as the mayor and his team participate in such deals, they will never get my vote. The dirty politics has gone on for far too long.

Sue Goldstein

Galloway Township

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