Deck collapse inexcusable

Regarding the recent deck collapse in Wildwood during the firefighters convention weekend: There is no excuse for this — codes and common sense dictate that decks should be supported by bolting through headers or cables fastened through headers at right angles with lag bolts, not nailed.

All decks should be revisited and given inspections that apparently were lacking.

John R. Brittain Jr.


Employers against immigration reform

Americans should wake up, they’re being snookered. Owners of some large-scale farming enterprises, meat packing plants and luxury resorts rely on undocumented immigrants to do their donkey work, even as donkey party Democrats are blamed for being soft on immigration.

Billionaire industrialists and resort owners will not allow immigration reform that would legalize these workers, grant them the right to unionize, demand decent pay and working conditions.

The wall is a sham. Employers of undocumented immigrants will find ways to tunnel or transport in a work force, while the Democrats are pummeled like piñatas. Maybe a presidential candidate or two will expose the sham at the next debate, notwithstanding moderators with their own agendas.

Lawrence Uniglicht

Galloway Township

Trump taxes hunt excessive

First, it’s not a requirement for a president to show his tax returns, although many have. Second, if the IRS can only go back three years when they do an audit, how is it that New York prosecutors are asking for the last eight years of President Trump’s tax returns?

Third, I just responded to the IRS on my 2017 taxes, which they are reviewing and said I’d get an answer within two months. Yet as big as Trump’s business is, do people really expect them to be finished with his audit this soon?

I wouldn’t want people seeing my taxes either, until they were finished investigating and reviewing them.

Patrick M. Matthews

Galloway Township

Laws apply to migrants, too

Regarding the recent letter, “County jail officers shouldn’t assist immigration officials”:

The writer is misleading. The concern is illegal immigrants, not immigrants. She states that county authorities shouldn’t assist immigration officials. Why? If we have illegal immigrants in the criminal system, after being arrested of a crime, and then find out they are here illegally, they should be deported. They have no legal authority to be here in this county, and they certainly have no right to violate our laws, and certainly no right to free medical care or schooling at the expense of the American taxpayer.

The letter writer further states, “highlighting a few immigrants committing crimes, it only perpetuates the bias towards immigrants.” Really, noting the murder and rape of U.S. citizens by illegal immigrants perpetuates bias? People feel different about that if the victim is a family member.

Programs have been in place for some time involving the community and the police. And they have been working, building trust and respect. Except maybe in New York, where people are throwing water on cops. But it will never affect the criminal element or the illegal immigrant hiding from authorities.

I have lived my entire life in South Jersey farming communities, with many immigrants — families of Italian, Russian, Jewish, Czech and immigrants of many other origins. All immigrated to the USA legally.

They never received free medical or free schooling. Only thing the U.S. gave them was hard work, respect and dignity. It’s insulting to the legal immigrants who followed the rule of law in coming to this county to see the fiasco going on now largely because of the very liberal agenda being pushed by the Democratic Party.

Constantine P. Kiasmos Jr.

Weymouth Township

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