Stop election overthrow

The Democratic Party is at it again, once more trying to overthrow the election by the American people of President Trump by means of false accusations, smears and outright lies. Trump was asked repeatedly before the 2016 election if he would respect and accept the results. It’s the Democrats who never accept nor respect the results of the election. They seek a government overthrow, a coup in this country, banana republic style.

Once again they groundlessly investigate, manufacture dubious evidence and try to impeach a president who has done nothing wrong. People shouldn’t stand for this. The republic depends upon elections being accepted and respected, and whether individuals like the candidate or not is irrelevant. “Innocent until proven guilty” is replaced by “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Instead of working to solve the pressing problems facing the nation, Trump’s foes can only imagine wrongdoing by Trump in their lust for power and control over Americans. They whine about his “tone” as they daily slander, accuse and insult the president and those who voted for him. What hypocrites! Daily, unrelenting slander by the Democrats and their media buddies is OK, but when the president defends himself, it’s not OK? The double standard is laughable and disgusting. I find Trump’s raw honesty in rebuking the lying liberal partisans refreshing and long overdue. I resent the constant attempts to manipulate public opinion by Democrat politicians and liberal news outlets.

The only way to stop this travesty against the nation is citizens in New Jersey and elsewhere to stop their bad habit of voting for its perpetrators. As long as they have voters in their pocket, they will feel enabled to continue to violate the Constitution and the will of the people. The Democratic Party is worse than dangerous with its radical agenda and ruthless tactics. Time to kick the habit, New Jersey.

Dave McIntosh

Egg Harbor Township

Private gun sales must get background checks

Regarding the recent commentary by Joe Bartozzi, “Gov. Murphy’s nonsensical gun order shifts blame, misses criminals”:

I agreed with everything Bartozzi wrote. But again, gun groups such as his organization and the NRA forget or don’t want to talk about private gun sales.

I go to a gun show every winter in Brevard County in Florida. There are a lot of guys walking around with a weapon on their shoulder. If someone is looking for that type of weapon, they go outside and make their private deal. Cash. No background check.

This buyer could have a record as long as your arm. But again, NRA and organized gun groups ignore these sales.

I’m a gun owner. All my guns were bought at gun shops. I have a rifle and shotgun permit. I have hand guns that I had to get special permits for. But they have to have background checks on all sales to make us all safer.

Joe LaSasso


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