Trump fails on wall funds

Why is the military diverting $3.6 billion to build Trump’s wall? Wasn’t a great rally cry during his campaign, “Who’s going to pay for the wall? Mexico!”

It seems our flag hugging leader, President Donald Trump, who professes to do more for the military than anyone, is now taking away money from military construction projects. I think Trump is not the great negotiator as he cannot get Mexico to pay for his wall.

Peggy Caccia

Ocean City

A.C. properties vacant

After years of filing complaints to the city of Atlantic City regarding properties that have been vacant for decades, what is the next step? Properties that were on the repair or demolish list years ago still stand and are in total disrepair.

There is no one to turn to, no one in city government who has the answer. I’m really tired of complaining.

Rocco Pepino

Atlantic City

Cannibalism for climate

Far left Swedish professor Magnus Soderlund stated at a recent conference in Europe, “We may need to rethink cannibalism and begin eating human flesh to save the planet from climate change.”

Perhaps progressive Democrats will want to incorporate this in their proposals to not only defeat climate change, but also to regulate the Earth’s population.

I think if you have a neighbor with hungry eyes who begins sending over complementary pizza and ice cream every other night and is a huge proponent of mandatory gun confiscation, you should be afraid. Very afraid.

Ron Hill

Egg Harbor City

No happiness or hope

Every morning I wake up wondering what else is going to happen to the country. The feeling I have reminds me of the parent who lashes out at the child for anything and everything. I’m blindsided by the actions of President Donald Trump.

I think living in a country that promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is no more. For anyone to believe for one minute that life will improve is ridiculous.

Joan Mahon


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