Asylum seekers need help

Our immigration crisis is a complex issue. I do not pretend to understand it completely, so please forgive any ignorance on my part.

My four grandparents were immigrants from Italy. They came to the United States of America to build better lives for themselves. They followed all protocol and came here legally. So, for me, the solution to our current immigration problem always was simple: Those who want to come here to live must do so according to our immigration laws.

But it finally dawned on me that many who come here today for asylum seek to escape crime, violence, terrorism — imminent life-threatening conditions for themselves and their families. Put plainly, they are fighting for their lives. These are far more drastic motives from those of my grandparents.

I like to think that we Americans — individuals, communities, religious and humanitarian groups, ethnic societies and government agencies — have it within our resources and collective genius to help these unfortunate victims. True, it will not be easy. And yes, it will require demands of all those who want to come here to live. It definitely will require sacrifice on all sides. However, I think it is possible for us.

In 1939, the United States refused asylum to Jews who begged to flee the brutalities of the Nazis. We denied them refuge. Unfortunately, many of them were murdered in death camps. This was inexcusable. However, we Americans have it within our power not to make the same mistake twice.

Anthony Navarra

North Cape May

Trump must be removed

Recent letter writers have asserted that Democrats criticize President Trump because they hate him. As an involved Democrat, I have yet to hear anyone say they hate him.

However, we Democrats are disgusted by his misogyny, racism and childish name-calling. We cringe at his daily tweets that affect the stock market, discourage our allies, thrill our enemies and make the world laugh at us.

Democrats are disheartened by the long term destruction he imposes on this great land, reducing air and water regulations, making public lands available to corporate interests, and rolling-back regulations to protect us from fossil fuel and auto emissions.

The stock market’s 10 year rise overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy, who also benefited from the latest tax cuts. Corporations, including AT&T, the steel industry and automotive manufacturers slash workers, while coal miners continue to lose jobs that are never coming back and farmers are seeing higher rates of bankruptcies.

Mexico is not paying for his wall, which he claims is already being built. He’s taking tax dollars from military construction projects here to help pay for the wall.

It’s difficult for people to admit they have made a mistake. There are good Republicans out there who disagree with his treatment of immigrant families, are tired of his lying and self-aggrandizement, are appalled at his promoting his properties for profit, and question his actions that conflict with campaign promises.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allows no action on the numerous bills passed by the Democrat-controlled House, even stating no bills will be voted on without assurance they will be signed by President Trump.

So, no, we Democrats don’t hate Trump, but he can’t be in charge if these United States are to survive.

Bettie J. Reina

Egg Harbor Township

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