History also inaccurate, fake now

As if exaggerated, misquoted or outright fake news wasn’t enough, we now have fake history.

Check all of the History Channel’s special program series on American history. They don’t have poetic license to interpreting history in order to make it more interesting or controversial. For example, in just one series, “Between the Wars,” they showed Germans using Sherman tanks as well as totally inaccurate history. The same is true for both series about the men as well as the food that made America.

College football is claiming 150 years of games. Walter Camp didn’t develop the basic rules by which we play football in this country until 1880.

Before that the game played was a version of rugby called mob football. The closest version of those rules today is played by the CFL. The NCAA itself wasn’t founded until 1910. So where do they get 150 years?

Finally, the NFL is claiming this to be its 100th season. In the late 1950s-early 1960, the NFL history stated the only similarity between the loosely organized 1920 NFL and the current NFL was the name. The current NFL was founded in 1933 by the original 10 franchises. That’s 88 seasons, not 100. I guess history changed over the last 60 some years.

The old adage “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear” couldn’t be truer than it is today.

Tony Perry

Egg Harbor Township

Shift to sun and wind energy urgent

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “NJ needs patience on path to clean energy that’s reliable, affordable”:

Now is not the time for patience, unless someone is a lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry. The climate crisis, aggravated by burning fossil fuels, is contributing to global warming, melting ice, sea level rise and to the floods in eastern Texas.

We are in the midst of the youth climate strike urging more, not less action on climate change. These kids, led by Greta Thunberg from Sweden, are afraid for their own and their children’s future.

This is an emergency and must be addressed sooner rather than later. We have lots of oil and gas sources and will continue to use fossil fuel. But the new energy master plan should shift from fossil fuel to renewables (sun and wind) as our primary source of energy as soon as possible.

This change will take time and money.

We are running out of time, and waiting will cost us more money. We must implement strategies to bring down the emissions that are warming our world now.

Mario L. Maiese


Keep homeless pair together

I am writing because I have an elderly father and an 8-year-old sister who are homeless in Atlantic City. My father’s wife left them both and never returned.

My father reached out to emergency services and was told child-protective services would have to be involved.

Atlantic City has a shelter, which is the Rescue Mission, but they won’t accept a man raising his child alone. Which means, anyway you look at it, they are trying to separate them.

My dad is all she knows, and it will break them both if they are not together.

I need help for them. The fact that I live all the way in Florida is definitely a problem.

Rasheena Bazemore

Jacksonville, Florida

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