Supports Galloway GOP

Regarding the recent letter, “Against Galloway’s Coppola”:

The writer is a member of the Galloway Democratic club and the party’s campaign has used similar language.

Galloway Township Council currently consists of three Democrats and four Republicans. The nasty ads coming from the left leave little doubt that they are willing to do anything to gain that swing vote seat.

What the writer fails to mention is that the planning board appointment, which she seems to be so disappointed with, was actually made by a bipartisan, unanimous vote. That’s right, unanimous.

The four Republicans on council have made a concerted effort to bring this council and the entire township together by being inclusive. It is a shame that our efforts are now being undermined for the sake of politics.

I believe that the people of Galloway are smarter than this and are tired of the dirty political games. Their dirty campaign tricks have only angered people with their untruths and antics. The truth will be told at the polls and then we can get back to the business of continuing the progress in Galloway.

Councilman Tony DiPietro

Galloway Township

Against Risley for Assembly

Regarding the recent commentary by John Risley, “Risley, Guenther: Time for change in 2nd District”:

I remember Risley’s campaign for freeholder back in 2001. If I recall, the Atlantic County Republicans were holding a rally/fundraiser at Frog Rock Country Club in Hammonton just before Election Day, and all along the route to it were Risley for freeholder signs that attendees would pass. Excellent campaign strategy! I also recall Risley ran an honest and issue-driven campaign, with no name-calling or insults against his opponent.

However, upon reading his column, he appears to be going a different route this time, resorting in the old and tired Republican charge of Democrats trying to make us all socialists. This has been used so much at the national level, now Risley is using it at the state level. He should be better than that.

He also answered his own question of why vote to re-elect Vince Mazzeo and John Armato, when he later cited accomplishments that occurred during their tenure (National Aviation Research and Technology Park and the expansion into Atlantic City of Stockton University).

Regarding the countywide assessment that Risley is against, Mazzeo already confirmed that it was operating and delivering savings in another county in one year’s time. Also, I wouldn’t use out of control government spending as an issue when the U.S. is currently experiencing the largest budget deficit for a Republican president.

Let’s leave it up to the voters to decide if it’s time for a change, but I wouldn’t rely on the reasons Risley used in his column.

Chick DeCicco


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