Need committee to return Miss America to A.C.

As Atlantic City loses summer-extending Miss America, residents and locals should shiver and grimace in pain as to what went wrong.

Yes, I commend Hard Rock for hosting a Celebrate America Parade to recognize Miss America and bring in New Jersey’s own iconic superwoman, Suzette Charles. But, as Charles has commented repeatedly, Miss America outside of Atlantic City just isn’t right. It’s a big slap in the face to the town responsible for its creation as a symbol of Americana.

Talk to workers, managers, visitors and residents of Atlantic City and see how important Miss America is to the psyche and legacy of the town. The problem is the state representative hierarchy that subsidized the event really had no clue. To the bean counters, the show was an economic numbers game that didn’t add up. They didn’t think outside the box and strive for creative solutions. This narrow-mindedness was in complete polarity to the leadership managing the Miss America Organization, one of the finest groups of executives in America.

OK, so there was a little shakeup at the top of MAO recently, but this was simply an organic process resulting from the ouster of the cavemen who previously failed miserably with the trust given them by this outstanding organization.

What we need is new brand creative thinking and planning originating from the public who really care about Miss America. We need to tap into the vast resources of Atlantic City residents and interested parties, who can bring their knowledge and expertise to the table — people who know the importance of Miss America to the city and how this organization has impacted lives for many generations.

As Miss America approaches its 100-year anniversary in 2021, it is vital for the city to reclaim its crown. We need to form a Citizens Action Committee for Miss America and produce solutions to keep the event in Atlantic City.

Bob Merz

Atlantic City

Never mind if schools are suffering from ACIT

Regarding the recent story, “Atlantic freeholders to study ACIT expansion plans amid dispute”:

Freeholder Caren Fitzpatrick is quoted as saying, “Why are we continually adding on to this school (ACIT) when other high schools in the county are suffering?”

I think that’s clueless.

I think Atlantic County 7th and 8th grade students are making mature decisions, begging to get started on careers by attending ACIT and this freeholder is trying to restrict their enthusiasm and education with the guilt trip that other schools are suffering. Fitzpatrick seems to want to prevent expansion of ACIT just so other high schools do not suffer.

Maybe she should hold a meeting of all students who were refused access to ACIT this year and see who is really suffering. Or maybe people shouldn’t trust this freeholder with making important decisions and she should steer clear of this important issue.

Michael J. Makara

Mays Landing

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