Casino concentration

was a terrible mistake

As I read The Press, I keep seeing statements made by some local politicians that no state government agency is responsible for the closing of casinos. I beg to differ.

If the Casino Control Commission had not allowed casino operators to own more than three properties, we would not have Caesars Entertainment Chairman Gary Loveman making the determination that we have too many casinos and must close some. Who is he to decide?

Caesars bought up these properties and amassed a tremendous amount of debt, and now here we are. Competition is healthy in business and always has been.


Atlantic City

To help Atlantic City,

come enjoy Atlantic City

Our company, Tony Mart Presents, is grateful to Atlantic City, Atlantic County and state officials, especially those at the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, for the support and the opportunity we have been given. In view of the popularity of our first five concerts, we are very enthusiastic about doing even more to promote Atlantic City.

The success of our relatively economical concert series and the mega beach concerts that were so successfully produced by a local coalition led by the Atlantic City Alliance show how important such efforts are to the revitalization of our region.

I also support the efforts of Assemblyman Chris Brown, R-Atlantic, to protect our market so that private investors can bring in projects to revitalize the casino industry.

But we are concerned that we hear from many people who don't want to go to Atlantic City and support events because of anticipated problems with parking or traffic. We would like to assure these people that we are in Atlantic City during many busy times. We enjoy ourselves and experience very few problems, certainly no more than in any other city that we visit. We all need to recognize how much the problems in Atlantic City impact our surrounding community, affecting jobs, income and the value of our homes.

We invite everyone to support all efforts to improve Atlantic City and increase its success as a place for all of us and our guests to enjoy.

As Cyril Neville says: "In the words of the great prophet, Bob Marley, 'Let's Get Together and Feel All Right!'"


Egg Harbor Township

New Jersey pensioners

should sue Christie

Regarding the Sept. 1 editorial, "N.J. pension investments/Wall Street wins":

Perhaps the New Jersey Education Association, the Public Employees' Retirement System, the Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund and other state pension members should consider initiating a class action against Gov. Chris Christie.

He has worked to destroy our retirement funds from the beginning. All members should be outraged that Christie has been allowed to rape and pillage our money without recourse. Any CEO would be prosecuted for these same actions. To triple the pension management fees in riskier investments, alone, is negligent, not to mention the legally required pension payment Christie refused to make this year and the neglected payments in years past.

It is time to act before there are no funds at all. Wake up, members.



Ask senators to vote

against Citizens United

Regarding the Aug. 31 letter, "Amend Constitution to kill Citizens United":

I have been very encouraged by this and other recent letters calling for measures to overturn the Citizens United decision.

With their Sept. 8 cloture vote on the Democracy for All Amendment (SJR19), 50 Senators, including Sens. Robert Menendez and Cory Booker, will be confirming that Citizens United has all but ruined our democracy and that we need to get the big money out of politics. Please sign the online petition asking New Jersey's senators to lead on Monday with floor speeches. Several more senators are necessary for a successful "yes" vote.

Go to and search the New Jersey section for "Democracy for All."

And please join the national, social media campaign on Thunderclap before Monday to let senators know that more than 80 percent of voters want big money out of politics; that we understand that the Democracy for All Amendment would give Congress the power to pass effective campaign finance legislation. As it stands, big money has the corrupting power to drown out the voice of the individual voter and thereby direct public policy.

Follow the prompts at Let's get the money out and the voters in.



NJ for the Overturn of Citizens United

Cape May