Balance capitalism, socialism to benefit all

I’m weary of endless debates and letters about capitalism vs. socialism, right vs. left, and conservatives vs. liberals.

Capitalism is good for the ways it harnesses human greed to promote innovation, economic development and efficiencies in the production of goods and services. But unchecked, capitalism can also result in worker exploitation, extreme wealth inequality, environmental damage, and repeated cycles of boom and bust leading to misery for many people.

Socialism is good for the ways it protects us from the excesses of unfettered capitalism through laws and regulations that provide the infrastructure that is necessary for economic development, ensures educational opportunity, protects workers and consumers, provides medical care and retirement benefits, and protects the environment. But, taken to extreme, socialism can also reduce incentives to excel, stifle creative innovation, reduce personal freedom and lead to high taxes.

Why not pick the best features of both capitalism and socialism and combine them to create an optimal system?

It’s not a binary choice of one or the other. It’s a matter of doing what works best.

Why dance to the tune of right vs. left? That is just another way in which we are divided, distracted and controlled. Instead, let’s elect political leaders who set aside the labels, and deal with the issues for the good of all, and not just to benefit the wealthy and powerful few.

Herb Townsend

Ocean City

Ban assault-style weapons

We will always have mental illness and people who are hate-filled. Unfortunately, these are part of the human condition.

However, we can have strong laws preventing guns from falling into inappropriate hands. No way should assault-style weapons be in the possession of civilians. How can the pro-gun members of Congress sleep at night?

If they didn’t enact stronger gun laws after the massacre of children and teachers at Sandy Hook, Congress never will act now.

Joyce E. Arndt

Egg Harbor City

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