Reusable bags are best

Regarding the recent letter, “Single-use plastic bags beat washing reusables”:

The letter writer stated we should go back to plastic bags because one must clean the reusable bags. Balderdash, doesn’t the writer have a washing machine? It really is quite easy to throw them in.

Also, discarding the plastic bags correctly would not solve the problem. In the U.S., 12 million barrels of oil a year are used to manufacture plastic bags. The great majority of the bags end up in landfills even when they are disposed of correctly. The bags never break down — they photo-degrade. We are stuck with their toxins forever. At the present time, the best we can do is to use reusable bags.

Dorrine Esposito

Hamilton Township

Separate religion, politics

Regarding the recent letter, “Political items shouldn’t be near religious event”:

I’m grateful to the letter writer for her decency and courage. Her voice is sorely needed. I hope she continues to help save this precious democracy.

I believe the gentleman selling President Trump-related items across from the religious carnival needs enlightening and a change of heart.

Stephen D. Stratoti

Egg Harbor Township

No exemption for dog bags

I’m sorry, but if we are going to have to do away with plastic shopping bags and straws, we must also do away with those plastic bags that dog owners use. Yes, those bags that dog owners use to pick up after their beloved canines.

Paper is the new pickup, or if you are daring, just use your hand. I’m glad I don’t own a dog in this “green” world.

Thomas Barrett


Epstein ills unquantified

The sad saga of Jeffrey Epstein, wealthy financier, is over for him. Epstein was found dead in his cell at a New York City jail of alleged suicide, while awaiting trial for multiple counts of sex trafficking. Some wonder whether he did himself in or others were involved.

Epstein allegedly transported teenage girls to his island for the pleasure of himself and others. The case is not closed, not even close. It involves wealthy and international people.

Where were the parents of these exploited teenagers? Not all of them should be blamed, but nonetheless.

Attorney General William Barr criticized the failure of the Manhattan Correctional Institution for not providing sufficient security for Epstein. An investigation is ongoing.

Could there be this many unscrupulous players among us? We’ll get an answer when the truth is known.

Dolores M. Hall

Pittsgrove Township

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