Can’t paint lighthouse before structural work

I was recently walking on the Atlantic City Boardwalk during a break and a local noticed the logo on my shirt for Absecon Lighthouse, where I am executive director. The gentleman asked me why Atlantic City doesn’t paint the lighthouse since it so badly needs it. He called it an embarrassment for the city. I explained to him why New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse and the country’s third tallest cannot be painted at this time:

First, it is a state-owned property leased to a non-profit for its care and maintenance.

We obtained a grant from the 1772 Foundation to paint the top third, and that’s when a serious problem was discovered. The tower cannot be painted because of some failing masonry and moisture problems in the brick created by rusting and leaks at the top.

We obtained a grant of $14,500 to have an historic architect study the structure and issue a professional report of findings. The cost estimate to do detailed diagnostics for precision and expert repairs is about $3.2 million.

That is quite a large sum of money to raise for a small non-profit, yet we are committed to exploring all avenues of raising the money through grant writing, fundraising and maintaining the property, exhibits, museum and tower for tourists and visitors. The architect also determined it is perfectly safe to climb.

When everyone in the community steps up (pun intended), good things happen here! So please be patient while we figure out how to fix this problem. And locals really, really need to take the climb — I promise they won’t be disappointed.

Jean Muchanic

Egg Harbor Township

Executive Director

Absecon Lighthouse

Russia, Trump divide US

An axiom of chess, warfare and geo-politics is divide and conquer.

Russia, after the end of World War II, was the primary antagonist of America’s leadership of the Western Alliance.

In the 2016 presidential election, Russia’s social media efforts at disruption supported Donald Trump more than other candidates.

I believe President Trump has done more to divide America racially, socially and culturally than any president in recent history.

I spent quite a few years studying and working against the KGB, now Russia’s Federal Security Service. Russia is not and never will be a friend of the United States.

The Russian intelligence services are quite good at what they do. They play the long game and can be subtle and ruthless at the same time.

Gus Schick


Many helped marsh rescue

A story this summer told about two Ventnor women being rescued from the marsh in Atlantic City after their kayak got stuck in the mud. This was a harrowing experience as I can attest to as one of those women!

However, the story had a happy ending due to the efforts of, what appeared to be, all of the rescue vehicles in the entire island. We counted at least six police cars, two fire engines, a tow truck, ambulance and EMTs. These wonderful, heroic public servants did an outstanding job.

They made us feel safe the moment they appeared. We’re grateful to them all, including the Atlantic City Water Rescue Team. Someone even gave me his flip-flops. They are dedicated.

Marilyn Godfrey


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