Reduce gulls with a hunt

There may be unintended consequences for Ocean City’s recent decision to hire falconers to discourage its population of gulls. I lived in Ocean City for many years and have experienced the issue first hand. However, I think the city’s decision to hire falconers to deter seagulls is short-sighted. I have studied ecology and food-web dynamics for many years in higher education and see a possible problem with the city’s solution to the gulls.

The gull population has surely grown over the years because of the abundance of easy carbs and sugar (from feeding on the boardwalk). The population requires this level of food to survive the winter. Now that the falconers are deterring the seagull population from feeding on the boardwalk, they will be starting the winter with less food than they are accustomed to. This could lead to some gulls starving or even a mass starvation. This in turn could lead to disease and might boost the population of creatures that eat dead seagulls.

The cost of these falconers is also a reason why this may be a bad idea. It would be more effective if the city got permission from the state wildlife authorities to allow hunters to cull the seagull population over the winter with controlled, regulated hunts with a lottery system that would take place on the beach. This would gradually decrease the gull population and bring revenue from fees to the city.

Henry Raab

Ocean City

Backs Richter for Congress

Absolutely delighted to see David Richter, a conservative with attractive credentials, announce that he is running against Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew. Unlike Van Drew, whose pre-political career was as a dentist, Richter comes with a record of job producing achievement. Where I previously lived prior to moving to Cape May County in 1990, I had observed the Richter family start up a business in their home that eventually over the years mushroomed into a massive job producing machine, something Cape May County desperately needs in the coming years.

I was especially impressed that a late friend of mine, a New Jersey Democratic senator, Tom Foy, who for years represented two of the biggest unions, appreciated Hill Inc. so much and the Richter family business for its ability to generate jobs that he joined them to further their success.

David Richter is what both Cape May and New Jersey need at this crucial time for the economy and culture.

Tony De Angelis


Trout the rare sports star who deserves admiration

Sometimes you read things and simply shake your head in disbelief. Such as the recent letter writer who opined that The Press sports section should cease publishing a daily update on Millville’s Mike Trout.

Trout is indisputably the best player in baseball. He is arguably the single greatest player in any sport today. He will go down in history as one of the best players ever to play the game … perhaps the greatest.

He is an exemplary role model who has never said or done anything to provoke an ounce of controversy. And he’s one of our own, a local boy who has risen to heights seldom achieved by anyone in any sport.

I guarantee you there are thousands like me who turn to the Trout update first thing when I open the paper each morning.

Rodger Gottlieb

Galloway Township

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