Short-term health plans help people, not politicians

Regarding the Aug. 21 column by Betsy McCaughey, “Short-term insurance saves big over Obamacare”:

This column is a winner. Clear and to the point, and written so all can understand how political the current health-care insurance issues are.

What I don’t understand is why a state would ban these plans that are so helpful to such a large body of its population — unless, of course, they are not in the best interests of the politicians.

Elizabeth Klein

Egg Harbor City

Jitneys a train option

Perhaps jitneys could be used in some way to help while the NJ Transit Atlantic City train is shut down. It’s a slow time for them anyway. There are many riders that would be willing to pay more to get to Atlantic City faster.

Peg Milner


America needs to control wave of asylum seekers

President Thomas Jefferson, upon hearing the exploits of Lewis and Clark in their journey across America, responded, “It would take 100 generations to fill this expansive land.”

Approximately 200 years and 12 generations later, the country is bursting at the seams. The American experiment has been a magnet for people of every nation on Earth to immigrate to the promise of America.

Chaos around the globe has sent a wave of asylum seekers to our borders and without control we would be smothered with welcomed and unwelcomed invaders.

Robert J. Caroccio Sr.

Ocean City

Absecon Island bike thefts may be organized

With so many bicycles being reported stolen on Absecon Island, there seems to be a pattern of some organization. Bikes are even stolen out of garages and storage sheds.

These bicycles may well be going to a bike “chop shop” somewhere and I think it is unusual that no one has noticed suspicious bicycle activity at a residence or business.

Larry Werber


Some speech enflames

Speaking or writing about people may be inflammatory when things are inferred or inflected concerning persons of color, gender, nationality, religion or any difference of opinion. Examples include saying that certain immigrants are criminals, terrorists or just bad people, or that certain people are living free off the money of others, or that schools are politically motivated, or that government employees are tainted in their duties because of their beliefs or opinions.

Rather than say such things, people should respect other opinions or lawful expressions. Differences are a healthy means to meet on a common ground, or accept and understand why there is strength in a common bond. Differences and opinions are susceptible to change by facts and respect.

Louis Green

Mays Landing