Gulls will be unstoppable

So here we go again. Another shore town that thinks it can outsmart the very seabirds that we have spoiled through the decades by feeding them our snacks instead of letting them eat the good stuff from the sea.

Ocean City is spending a couple of grand a day having trained hawks and owls fly high over their town, supposedly scaring off the seagulls from the boardwalk. Such a laugh.

This reminds me of when Atlantic City, a few years back, had kites that looked like eagles flying above, thinking that would work too, to no avail. Silly humans. Fines need to be strictly enforced for feeding the gulls, and even then, they will outsmart us. We trained them that way.

Sandi Fontana

Atlantic City

Mayor’s religious views unwelcome in Barnegat

At a recent Barnegat Township Committee meeting, Mayor Al Cirulli espoused what I believe are his homophobic, fear-mongering beliefs that the inclusion of the political, economic and social contributions of the LGBTQ communities in school curricula would “indoctrinate” the students of Barnegat. There is much evidence that demonstrates that information is valuable, not detrimental, to creating an inclusive, open and caring community.

I think this is a clear abuse of his elected position as a committee member and as mayor. The Scripture quotes and statements invoking God are also a violation of the separation of church and state and have no business in a township meeting.

Equally disturbing was the silence that ensued from most of the other committee members sitting there on the dais.

I think silence means consent. They had a chance to do the right thing and chose to sit there. I think this shows that the current Township Committee is not inclusive, does not value all equally and that the residents deserve better, much better.

Peg Houle

Barnegat Township

Ban assault weapons

Two more horrific massacres have taken place in the United States. President Trump tweets what I consider insincere thoughts and prayers, the Democrats wring their hands, the NRA and the Republicans adhere to the rights of the Second Amendment and everything stays the same.

Any member of Congress who has an ounce of compassion must begin working on gun control. The first thing Congress must do is outlaw assault weapons. Members were able to do it before. They certainly can do it again.

Mary Ann Zittle Robson

Egg Harbor Township

End division, stand united

I am a 60-year-old mother of two grown children and three grandchildren. I grew up in Pleasantville. I am not racist in any way, shape or form.

It really hurts as an American citizen today to see how divided we have become. Years ago we had issues but now we are killing each other. It’s sad and very disturbing. Instead of separating our races and beliefs, we need to stand together as one nation, one race.

Valerie Giannini

Egg Harbor Township

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