Candidates use tragedies

I offer my sympathies and prayers to the people of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, who survived the worst tragedy I have ever witnessed on television in my life.

Now as for Beto O’Rourke, I am very angry at the behavior he displayed on the TV after these tragedies occurred. He should shut his mouth and stop stupidly blaming these incidents on President Trump. I am a Catholic and he offended me by invoking the Lord’s name, Jesus Christ, in his criticism of Trump.

Sen. Cory Booker also calls the president a racist. I think Booker is the racist. The presidential candidates should stop using these tragedies in their quest for fame and fortune.

People should try to grow in knowledge instead of fear. I strongly feel that police should have training courses for Americans and teach them how to recognize the warning signs in children that they are developing problems as they are growing up.

Americans who hear or see something should say something.

Joseph Geralis

Egg Harbor Township

Vote on 2nd Amendment

I am tired of all the rhetorical suggestions on gun control — rhetorical because there is no response to the arguments being proposed.

What kind of background checks are being performed? The only really important check would be a criminal check. How many criminals apply for gun permits?

Regarding mental illness checks, how could that be checked? What would be asked, and of whom? Would background checks have prevented those responsible for the horrific killings we have been forced to endure in the past few years?

So instead people want to outlaw weapons that can fire multiple rounds in less than a minute. I think such gun control suggestions will go nowhere because of the NRA’s influence on Congress. When the organization is challenged, it hides behind the Second Amendment.

My suggestion on gun control is this. The Second Amendment gives everyone the right to bear arms, but it doesn’t say what type of firearm people are allowed to possess. So I suggest a vote on whether people want a constitutional amendment to add to or change part of the Second Amendment to outlaw certain types of firearms, and limit who can and can’t purchase a firearm. It would show if people really want gun control as a means to help stop the killing.

Frank Locantore


Eagles should consider Kaepernick as backup

The NFL season is beginning and the Eagles are mollycoddling their star quarter back Carson Wentz. Shielding him from playing in exhibition games because he might get hurt. He became a professional football player knowing full well that is always a possibility in any game.

The management would do well to consider Colin Kaepernick as a backup. The past few years have been tough on him, benched by the 49ers and ostracized by the hypocrites for expressing his opposition to the phony patriotism that demands we stand for the national anthem. This is a right he is guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The Eagles a few years back had no trouble signing Michael Vick, a convicted felon who did time in the big house. There was a little opposition initially. When you are winning games, all that is forgotten. As Vince Lombardi said, quoting another coach, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”

Donal Sheahan

Egg Harbor Township

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