Ideas for reinventing A.C.

Regarding the recent story, “50 ways to reinvent Atlantic City”:

As an avid cyclist, I don’t consider Pacific Avenue a viable option. It is just too narrow, making it basically unsafe to navigate through traffic. It needed to be gutted and widened after the 1976 referendum. That opportunity was lost when the casinos built right up to the sidewalk as they expanded.

The fact that they had no problem demolishing the grand hotels, but couldn’t find a way to clear Pacific and make it a fine thoroughfare, is beyond me. This would have helped the city by making it brighter and more appealing to tourists and residents alike. It would have gone a long way by eliminating some of the dinginess and blight that plagues the city, helping enhance its image.

Cycling on the Boardwalk should be a 24-hour option, but you can’t do it from Albany on up until you pass Ocean Resort. The crowds make it difficult, but not impossible, if you know how to ride. I don’t ride past Seashore Club for the most part, but it would be nice for those who work uptown.

The main thing that needs to be done is to keep the bums, vagrants and panhandlers away from the tourists. It is talked about a lot and there always seems to be some plan bandied about, but nothing ever really seems to get done. They are just a nuisance to me, but for tourists they can be off-putting and present a negative image of the city.

Either way, Atlantic City is very easy to get around. When I’m down, my car stays parked 90% for the time. I walk from Ventnor up to the restaurant or attraction of my choice. You just can’t beat a walk up the Boardwalk. If I need to get a ride, Uber or a jitney serve me well.

John Andrus

Toledo, Ohio

Racism claims divisive

Concerning Mary Sanchez’s insightful and well-written commentary, “Gillibrand can help her party pierce white denial of racism,” I urge her and others to please stop blaming President Trump for almost everything that’s going wrong.

The divisiveness in our great country has existed for many years and it was accelerated during President Obama’s administration with cries of racism before Donald J. Trump became president. Determining who is most responsible is a matter of what color glasses you are wearing.

Racism and white privilege are facts of life that are changing slowly. Because cries of racism are now meaningless, they have been replaced by accusations of white privilege and liberal Democrats live and breathe it as if slavery still exists in the nation — which too many believe isn’t and never was great. How sad.

However, there are signs of progress. Not too long ago even a black woman was more likely to be nervous or cross the street if a black man was walking behind her than if the man was white.

Also, cries of racism and white privilege are metastasizing despite no evidence of the disease. The diagnosis of racism has been rejuvenated by the likes of Colin Kaepernick, Megan Rapinoe and the liberal media.

So, columnists like everyone else should stop unwittingly floating embers of hate with statements like “the president’s endless onslaught of sexist and racist taunts” in Sanchez’s introduction to her praises for Kirstin Gillibrand.

Ettore “Ed” Cattaneo

North Cape May

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