Dismayed by backpacks that are bulletproof

I was dismayed, disheartened and nearly moved to tears by a recent letter by a high school student about bulletproof backpacks for sale.

As a child she may be helpless, but she implores us adults to take action by getting into the voting booth and voting for responsible, honest leaders who will save our children.

Charlotte Josephs


Stand up for Bible, Cirulli

Regarding the recent letters, “Mayor’s religious views unwelcome in Barnegat” and “Barnegat mayor misuses Christianity in opinions”:

Yes, it is time for fire and brimstone. Mayor Al Cirulli should be honored for telling the truth about the condemnation of the gay community in several passages in the Bible’s Old Testament and New Testament. One urges people to “flee from sexual immorality.”

The Bible describes many dying and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for sexually immoral acts.

I think the “new legislation for the middle and high school curriculums to include instruction on the political, economic and social contributions of the LGBTQ community” advances the sort of immorality condemned in the Bible.

God wants no separations between the Bible and the state. I think the Bible should be number one on the list of priorities for believers in God and Jesus.

It is time to stand up for the Bible. Mayor Circulli of Barnegat Township is to be honored for standing up for the truth in the Bible!

Henry J. Berenato


Address emotional health

In light of the untimely passing of Saoirse Kennedy, we should honor the legacy she left by attempting to create an awareness of mental health.

In her high school essay, she talked of when we will be able to “discuss mental health as freely as we do cancer.” She also went on to share how even in her highly rated high school, her teachers did not know how to address mental illness, specifically her depression.

Perhaps in addition to much other needed awareness in the mental health arena, maybe we should think of it as emotional health — as in, I have or I struggle with emotional health issues. We changed the terminology for “mental retardation” to “developmentally disabled,” the old term mongoloid to Down syndrome, and from saying someone has autism to saying they’re on the autism spectrum or have autism spectrum disorder.

Who, when applying for employment, would readily put on their resume or mention in an interview that they are mentally ill or have mental illness? The term is antiquated and immediately conjures up a negative connotation.

Let’s start a discussion about this. The time is now to urgently address mental illness and to erase its immediate and so often negative connotation.

Pamela A. Price

Atlantic City

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