Extend bike path to Buena

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “Planning failure wastes path on parkway bridge needed by cyclists, others”:

After reading the editorial, I had to chime in. The pedestrian parkway bridge from Somers Point to Beesleys Point being held up for two or more years is a tragedy.

However, how do you think cyclists and others feel about the Atlantic County Bike Way West not being completed as promised by county and state officials back in 2001? That’s 18 years of no explanation other than that Atlantic City’s a first priority.

This is not to downplay connecting cyclists and pedestrians from Atlantic County to Cape May County by the only route available without trekking through Ocean City. Nonetheless, I think the majority of pedestrian parkway bridge users would more than likely just be making the summer’s journey to an inn in Tuckahoe for happy hour.

If the Atlantic County Bike Way were to be completed from Buena to Atlantic City, or veering onto the Pleasantville-Somers Point bike path extension that also connects to the Ocean City bridges path, it would take cyclists and other users months to see all the interesting attractions, venues and sights between both points.

The connection would be an asset for locals and visitors alike. The shore’s a staple, but let’s not forget about the rest of the county’s lesser known assets that can make a difference to locals and would-be visitors and bring more than just fortune seekers to our area. Whether we realize it or not, we’re more than just the shore.

Chris Bonsall


Trump rotten, not Denmark

In Shakespeare’s literature, we associate “something is rotten” with Hamlet’s Denmark.

Recently, Denmark became the latest protagonist of a U.S. administration that resembles a Shakespearean play.

This breached protocols between countries. President Trump’s planned visit to Denmark to me seemed to include a very sensitive item unknown to his hosts: the purchase of Greenland from Denmark.

I think he showed ignorance of or contempt for a cornerstone of today’s world order: the sovereignty of nations in regard to territory and its inhabitants.

Trump said the purchase of Greenland was not in the agenda after his considering the idea was leaked. The prime minister of Denmark called the idea “absurd” in today’s times. Trump’s response to the prime minister was a classic version of truth by contradictory installments. He postponed the trip because of the other side’s reaction in rejecting an item that he himself had stated not to be part of the agenda. I think the emperor’s clothes were falling one garment at a time with each word announcing the reason for the unilateral postponement of his visit.

I believe this shows Trump’s contempt for language and meaning. He added that the prime minister of Denmark was “nasty” and “disrespectful.”

Something is rotten, but this time not in Denmark.

José A. Almanza


Bearing arms a key right

When all the guns have been banned, when all the words have been censored, when all the history has been erased, when all the freedom has been taken, only then will people discover why the right to bear arms was so high on that list.

James McCusker

Somers Point

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