Proud of our own Trout, want more on him daily

Regarding the recent letter, “Little interest in Trout, unlikely to be a Phillie”:

I feel like I need to respond to this letter. Well, that writer couldn’t be more wrong. While it is unlikely that Mike Trout will ever wear a Phillie uniform, it is not “getting old” to read of his daily activity. In case we missed something, we are able to get those updates easily.

What Mike Trout has done for baseball is immeasurable. We are reminded to believe in natural talent and ability, honesty, passion and commitment to his game. No drama. No drugs. No scandals. Good old fashioned baseball. I don’t need to cite statistics; they speak for themselves.

What the letter writer missed is that we want to know his latest activity. He is one of our own.

We should be grateful to Mike Trout for being the refreshingly spectacular athlete and man his is. We couldn’t be more proud.

Kathryn Baruffi

Ocean City

Wants Barnegat mayor out

At a recent Barnegat Township Committee meeting, Mayor Al Cirulli preached in opposition of new legislation for middle and high school curriculums to include instruction on the political, economic and social contributions of the LGBTQ community. One would have thought we were in church having fire and brimstone thrown at us. Cirulli said this law was “an affront to almighty God.”

As vice president of the Barnegat Democratic Club, I reminded him that in the U.S. there is a separation of church and state. I believe the mayor frequently violates that requirement and invokes Jesus Christ in his speeches. He is the mayor representing a governmental body and religion has no place in government. He said he has quit officiating in marriages rather than officiate over gay marriages. Officiating at marriages is a mayoral function, and I think if he refuses to perform that function, he should resign. I also think he should resign for what seems to me his intolerance of the LGBTQ community.

Marianne P. Clemente

Barnegat Township

Barnegat mayor misuses Christianity in opinions

Barnegat Mayor Al Cirulli recently used his bully pulpit to criticize the teaching of LGBTQ positive role models in schools. He also at the meeting of the Township Committee spewed what I consider is his bigoted attitude of the LGBTQ community.

Cirulli is certainly entitled to his personal opinion but not to make comments I believe are hateful and hurtful. Then to interpret Scripture to support his personal opinion to me is weaponizing Scripture. This is also a blatant disregard for the separation of church and state.

Cirulli uses Christianity to defend his opinions. I’m president of the Barnegat Democratic Club, consider myself a good Christian and believe that the Christian community is not hateful or biased. I believe that Scripture should be used to spread love and tolerance. God doesn’t make junk. Christ welcomed everyone.

I think Cirulli insinuates that sexual orientation is a choice, which would be naive and untrue. Educators expand discussion and should not be judgmental.

I believe he has such a closed mind and such bigotry in his heart that he can’t lead Barnegat to a better and brighter future.

Ron Naples


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