Romney unqualified, GOP hypocritical

How can a conservative criticize President Barack Obama about spending or the deficit? I guess they conveniently forget the George W. Bush years and fail to realize that corporate America has more money than ever.

Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney, is as unqualified and incompetent as Bush was. He owes everything to his wealthy, politically connected father. He has been on both sides of every issue. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney instituted universal health care. Now he opposes Obamacare, essentially the same program.

Romney portrays himself as a financial whiz who will be a force in creating American jobs. Massachusetts was 47th in job creation when he was governor. His only achievement as governor was Romneycare, and the mention of that would only upset his supporters.

The only achievements Romney flaunts are his Olympic committee experience and being the figurehead of the vampire-capital firm, Bain Capital.

Republicans cry about less government, but only mean they want fewer business regulations and “entitlement” programs. If they were really for smaller government, they’d be against everything from seat-belt laws to drug prohibition. The latter infringes on freedoms and has wasted billions of dollars.

Republicans are the epitome of hypocrisy, and have the perfect poster boy to represent them.


Why must Muslims answer for extremists?

Regarding the Sept. 15 article, “Area Muslims condemn anti-Islam movie, violent response”: While the local public should be kept informed about events in Libya and Egypt, I’mcurious as to why anyone felt the need to seek statements from Islamic religious leaders in the area. It is not as if Muslims living in New Jersey were in Libya or Egypt participating in the violent protests. Muslims, like Christians, are not one homogenous group. Just as there are fundamentalist Christians, there are fundamentalist Muslims, and extremism isn’t limited to one religion.

Christians in our own country are not expected to apologize or make statements in regard to actions and words that are not their own. When a fundamentalist religious organization such as the Westboro Baptist Church pickets the funeral of an American soldier, as it has on several different occasions in New Jersey, the focus of news stories is rarely ever on what other Christians have to say about the group’s actions.

It’s understood in this country that theWestboro Baptist Church congregants are not representative of all Christians. Why does this same line of thinking not extend to Muslim Americans?


Now the film critics are attacking Eastwood

The mainstream media have begun to launch attacks on Clint Eastwood. It is unfortunate that even the “entertainment” reporters are attempting to denigrate Eastwood’s directing and acting abilities.

I suspect it is hardly a coincidence that the recent attacks on Eastwood’s new movie, “Trouble with the Curve,” have come within a couple of weeks of his appearance at the Republican National Convention. While a few have applauded Eastwood’s unscripted monologue at the convention (such as Jon Stewart, who called it a refreshing change from the usual teleprompter babble), most on the left have attempted to discredit it.

I submit that we will be subjected to a plethora of critical comments about Eastwood, his age, this film, etc., in the near future, which will only further reinforce the lack of objectivity in the media and the skewed journalistic philosophy of many of our news institutions.

Thank goodness that Barbra Streisand is left of center politically, because if she were a conservative, her upcoming concerts would be significantly disparaged, with no regard for accuracy nor for her professional standing as probably the finest female singer of the last 50 years.

RON SMITH Brigantine

Boy Scout officials teach disturbing lessons

Gay men and boys are barred from participation in the Boy Scouts of America, yet scouts have apparently been getting molested since before 1919 and offenders were protected by scouting officials.

Let me get this straight: Professing gays are unwelcome whether or not they are pedophiles, but professing straight guys are welcome whether or not they are pedophiles. What does this teach the scouts? If you claim to be heterosexual you can get away with anything? That the BSA can’t tell good character from bad?

Maybe gays are better off looking for, and being, role models elsewhere.

HELEN A. HAUG Northfield

Amend Constitution to undo Citizens United

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision will be a deathblow from which our country will not recuperate unless enough Americans can realize its profoundly negative impact on our lives, unless we are willing to think not as Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, but as Americans, and unless we are willing to act to have it overturned.

Please, write to your state lawmakers and urge them to support SR47, which calls on Congress to initiate a constitutional amendment that will undo the Citizens United decision.

HELENA BEW Cape May Point