Align college, summer schedules

There are thousands of small businesses that rely on college kids for their summer help.

So why don’t the colleges adjust their school year schedule with the official summer schedule of the United States?

Memorial Day to Labor Day — that is when most Americans take their vacations. But no, they have to end the school year in early May and start it in mid-August.

College kids work during the summer and they need as much time on the job as they can get.

Ending the school year in early May leaves these kids with nothing to do for a month, which becomes lost time, and starting the school year before Labor Day leaves their employers short of help. The kids who depend on tips lose out on a huge weekend.

Tom Lepera


Anti-gull hat idea hilarious

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “Raptors an entertaining but costly method of deterring O.C. gulls”:

I didn’t even get to the comics page, but the recent editorial that offered an alternative for controlling the seagulls on the Ocean City Boardwalk had me rolling in laughter. Picturing all of the folks on the boardwalk wearing hats with eyes that looked up on them to scare away the seagulls, as the editorial imagined, was quite humorous to say the least.

Was this a serious proposal? Editorials have always seemed to be anti-marijuana, but this one seemed like somebody was smoking something to come up with this brainstorm. Thanks for the laughs.

Paul Pickens

Egg Harbor Township

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