Rail shutdown unneeded

The three basic necessities of any transportation system are dependability, safety of passengers and easy mobility. New Jersey Transit, which is one of the biggest transit networks in the country, has once again caused controversy by shutting down the Atlantic City rail line for safety repairs and lack of skilled operators.

While the reason behind it is logical, it appears NJ Transit hasn’t given it much thought. If upgrades are necessary, they should be done in steps to insure trains run at least twice a day.

Mike Clemente

Las Vegas

Negative Trump coverage is free of false claims

I’m not a news hound, but I do read news on the web every day from a variety of sources, and I must say that I find almost no fake news from sources like the ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC etc.. At least not fake in the sense of false claims. What I do see is a president and Fox hosts and pundits claiming that negative portrayals of President Trump are somehow fake news.

Needless to say some is false, due to improper vetting and hasty attempts at breaking a story, but that accounts for very little coverage. I would estimate 1 percent, although I do not have data.

Most of the false claims seem to come from the president. The Toronto Star documented 13 false claims (they politely hesitated to call them lies) in a single one-hour speech that Trump gave to corporate CEOs recently.

What I find depressing is that I seem to see a number of letter writers saying that the traditional media are somehow fake. They should produce data showing precisely how much of the traditional news is fake.

Enough name calling. Let’s see the numbers concerning fake news.

Bruce Allen

Del Haven

Losing security clearance should be the standard

Some people are so upset about former U.S. officials losing their security clearances. When workers leave to take another position, their previous employer doesn’t let them keep the keys to the store and access to the company’s software and such. Anyone who leaves the service of government on any level should lose their security clearance and all access to any present information.

Some of these individuals howling so loudly about losing their clearance are now lobbyists making big bucks. On Wall Street that would be called insider trading and punishable by time in jail.

Don’t be fooled by these self-serving former public servants. Everyone should lose their security clearance and any access to the present administration as soon as they leave their position. If the new administration wants their assistance, they can always present explicit information and seek their counsel.

Gary Swenson

Ocean View

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