Aid programs need fix

Food stamps and housing assistance programs are terribly abused. In the past it has been political suicide to attack or attempt to fix the food and housing voucher programs. These are mostly locally run programs funded by the federal government.

The Trump administration is on the right track to correct this situation. Billions of tax dollars are being wasted on food stamps for those who don’t need it. Now hopefully, with the help of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, the administration will fix the housing assistance abuse.

I personally see people every day abusing the housing voucher programs. Explain to me how the program seems to allow a 24-year-old, physically and mentally fit male who chooses to work part-time and go to college qualify for subsidized housing, or the same for a casino cocktail waitress making in excess of $70,000 (mostly cash) and qualifies for the same program. Yet, there are mothers who can’t make enough working two jobs to support their family and could use just a fraction of that support, but they can’t get it.

I’m grateful that we have a president who is not bound by politics and can fix the problems no one else can.

Richard J. Shaffer III

Mays Landing

Pacific Avenue in A.C. needs better lighting

I recently wrote to every senior official at the CRDA with regard to Pacific Avenue, and just how dark it is in the evening. You know how many of them answered my email? Zero. I guess they don’t have to answer local, concerned area residents. After all, who are we to question them?

In the email I said that simple things like money appropriated to light up the city, just in case visitors want to dare and venture out of the casinos and boardwalk to take in the city’s culture and possibly support area business, should be a priority and a no brainer. It appears to the naked eye that the city can’t afford the electric bill.

Some Casino Reinvestment Development Authority officials should get in their cars at night and evaluate just how pathetic the lighting really is.

What are the city and the CRDA doing to help casino investors, the businesses that primarily fund the agency? If it weren’t for the two new investors at the other end of town, we’d basically be in the same boat.

Any and all responses from the CRDA would be welcomed. Meanwhile they should go ahead and take a ride down Pacific Avenue alone after dark.

Michael Tabasco


Offset A.C. tax increase

I just had the displeasure of reading that once again, it appears the city of Atlantic City will see a big increase in property taxes starting with our quarterly tax bill this season. I’ve never seen so many tax increases in any location in my life.

I loved living in Atlantic City for the last 18 years. The mayor, my Councilman Jesse Kurtz and other elected officials must find a way to offset this situation, otherwise it will continue for the rest of the years that my wife and I reside in the city.

It’s up to the elected officials to find a way to offset this. I have many ideas but my ideas really don’t count — it’s up to them. They’re paid to run the city. I really wish they would do their job.

Lou Frankel

Atlantic City

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