NAACP branch opposes Trump on immigration

The Mainland/Pleasantville Branch NAACP, of which I am president, supports NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal for joining with 17 other state attorneys general in opposing the Trump administration’s practice of refusing entry to asylum applicants at southwestern border ports of entry and its cruel and unlawful policy of forcibly separating families.

As citizens of this diversity country, descendents of multiple cultures, many with a history of unfair treatment and bias, we, politicians or community members alike must learn the lessons our “dark past has taught us” (as Weldon Johnson put it in “Lift Every Voice and Sing”). Except for Native Americans, we all traveled to this country from another. Our treatment of those who want to come to the U.S. to make a better life must be thoughtful and humane, while those with criminal records should be weeded out and deported.

The community should educate itself about all sides of the issues, its elected officials and where they stand on the important issue of our time. People should use their voices and not squander their right to vote, sitting an election out because of frustration. This is our responsibility as members of the society in which we live.

Olivia C. Caldwell


Trump just fighting back

Regarding the recent letter, “US needs more civility and so does Trump,” stating that President Trump is uncivil and a bully, the writer is so wrong.

The president fights back only when attacked by the bullies of the fake media, who daily tell untruths about him and his accomplishments. The president’s tweeting is the only way the real truth can get out to the American people.

Also, the real bullies are the ones who constantly try to disrupt the president’s rallies and interrupt his speeches. The president is right in calling them out for their constant disruptions at these rallies.

Ruth Ternyila

Long Beach Township

Questions for Van Drew

As a Chinese proverb states, may you live in interesting times. Clearly these are interesting times on the national political scene with many serious issues and entrenched sides politically.

Having said that, we have a congressional election that is very important as well. It seems state Sen. Jeff Van Drew is the favorite, so to get to the point, here are questions that should be asked of him, with definite, specific, no-wiggle answers required.

Would he vote to impeach President Trump with what we know so far?

Robert Mueller was supposed to investigate Russian meddling, but he is going after Trump’s associates for things completely unrelated. Does Van Drew support ending this?

Would he support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants? Would he vote to stop federal money going to sanctuary cities and states like New Jersey that ignore federal law?

Would he repeal the Trump tax cuts? Does Van Drew have any specific legislation that he wants to introduce if elected?

He voted for every Democratic budget that raised taxes on working people. Would he continue this pattern in Washington, D.C.?

Jeffrey Aversa, MD