Audits of Atlantic County perfect 20 times in row

For the 20th consecutive year, Atlantic County earned a perfect audit.

The independent auditors that reviewed our financial transactions and operations found no weaknesses or deficiencies. I am not aware of any county in New Jersey, or perhaps the entire country, that could match our performance.

Yet somehow, the media does not consider this accomplishment newsworthy. Had our auditors found discrepancies it would be front page news above the fold.

Dennis Levinson


Atlantic County Executive

Use red light cameras to end drivers’ violations

After reading a recent article regarding increased pedestrian deaths from motorists running red lights, I began to search for some way to affect this statistic. I thought of a well filmed public service announcement or some print ads showing a traffic light turning yellow — no, neither of those would work.

Then it hit me: New Jersey should convert the traffic cameras that are on virtually every traffic controlled intersection to red light cameras. Yes, all those tickets would eventually get the people that aren’t prepared to stop on yellow and then red to finally realize that yellow means prepare to stop, not go very fast. Unless you have just seen a traffic light turn from red to green as you approach, you should be prepared to slow for the next yellow light.

I can’t tell you how many close calls and middle fingers I have gotten for slowing on a yellow light. Just yesterday two motorcyclists blew by me on the shoulder and gave me the one-fingered salute because I prepared to stop at Sixth Avenue in Galloway. Either they weren’t paying attention or were going too fast to stop behind me.

So please, for everyone’s sake, pay attention to the rules of the road and obey traffic signals. Same goes for pedestrians — we know we have to yield to you, but use the cross walks and push the button on the pole to stop traffic so you can cross safely.

Brent Metzer

Egg Harbor City

Glad mayor criticized leftist agenda in schools

Regarding the recent letters, “Mayor’s religious views unwelcome in Barnegat” and “Barnegat mayor misuses Christianity in opinions”:

I have read a few letters condemning Barnegat Township’s Mayor Al Cirulli’s comments on the recent law requiring middle and high school curriculums to include “contributions by the LGBTQ community,” calling them “an affront to almighty God.”

Although many do not agree with me, I, for one, am glad someone said it at last. The government has no right to brainwash a political agenda into children via schools. Schools are for education, not for politics.

The media is crucifying Mayor Cirulli with accusations of bigotry and intolerance, and I hope that he withstands these attacks. The mayor’s freedoms of speech and religion protect him; he had every right to say that. I think the new legislation is meant to indoctrinate a leftist mindset into children so that they might get more future voters to join their cause.

Philip Palomeque

Ocean City

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