The Atlantic County Republican Committee is taking its Democratic counterpart and the Atlantic County Board of Elections to court Monday.

The parties will appear at 9 a.m. before Judge Julio Mendez.

The dispute arose from a directive the county Democratic Committee gave Democratic poll workers. It instructed the workers to “err on the side of caution” and allow voters who show up at the wrong polling locations to vote using provisional ballots, according to the complaint filed by the Republican Committee.

The complaint asks the Board of Elections to instruct poll workers to ignore the directive and inform them that all questions regarding provisional ballots on Elections Day should be directed to the board.

County Republican Party Chairman Keith Davis issued a statement on the issue Friday night.

“Once again the Atlantic County Democrats were caught trying to cheat in an election, which is why the Atlantic County Republican Party asked the court to intervene.”

County Democratic Committee Chairman Michael Suleiman said the committee was trying to protect people’s right to vote.

“Provisional ballots are an important safeguard because it ensure no one is denied the right to vote on Election Day,” he said.

Provisional ballots have come into question in past Atlantic County elections. In 2013, Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo won his seat by 51 votes only after provisional ballots were counted. That election wasn’t decided until a month after the election.


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