Call for impeachment of President Trump: The House on Dec. 6 killed 364-58 a measure (H Res 646) that called for impeaching Donald Trump based on “high misdemeanors” primarily involving his inflammatory and defamatory public statements and Twitter postings. A yes vote was in opposition to taking up the impeachment resolution.

Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd: YES

Tom MacArthur, R-3rd: YES

Concealed handguns, states’ rights: Voting 231-198, the House on Dec. 6 passed a bill that would federalize the patchwork of state laws on the concealed-carry of loaded handguns. A yes vote was to require every state to honor every other state’s concealed-carry permit regardless of its safety standards. (HR 38)

LoBiondo: YES

MacArthur: YES

Exemption for violent criminals: Voting 190-236, the House on Dec. 6 refused to amend HR 38 (above) so that it would deny out-of-state protections to holders of concealed-carry handgun permits who have been convicted of violent crimes in the past three years. A yes vote backed the exemption.

LoBiondo: NO

MacArthur: NO

Two weeks’ stopgap funding: The House on Dec. 7 adopted 235-193 a continuing resolution (HJ Res 123) that would fund the government for two weeks starting Dec. 9. A yes vote was to allow more time for negotiations on issues such as renewal of parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, hurricane and wildfire disaster aid, the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for “dreamers” and the lifting of domestic as well as military spending caps on fiscal 2018 appropriations.

LoBiondo: YES

MacArthur: YES


Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of Homeland Security: The Senate on Dec. 5 confirmed 62-37 deputy White House chief of staff Kirstjen Nielsen to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Nielsen drew Democratic criticism for wavering when asked at her confirmation hearing whether she believes human activity causes global warming. A yes vote was to confirm Nielsen.

Robert Menendez, D: NO

Cory Booker, D: NO

Two weeks’ stopgap funding: Voting 81-14, the Senate on Dec. 7 joined the House (above) in adopting a measure that would, in part, fund the nation’s 2,800 community health centers and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which are staying afloat on temporary budget authority. (HJ Res 123)

Menendez: YES

Booker: NO

Source: Voterama in Congress

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