The National Republican Congressional Committee has pulled its endorsement of Seth Grossman, the GOP nominee in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District.

The move comes after a Democratic-leaning SuperPAC, American Bridge to the 21st Century, found another controversial Facebook post that Grossman authored in 2014.

The Facebook post linked to an article on the white nationalist website American Renaissance that said black people “are a threat to all who cross their paths.”

According to the website Media Matters, Grossman posted the article on Dec. 29, 2014 with the following comment:

"Oy vay! What so many people, black, white and Hispanic, whisper to me privately but never dare say out loud publicly. Back in the Old Country, people were very careful about what they said for fear of retaliation. At one time, America was a free country and people were not afraid to express their true thoughts. Am just posting this as an individual and not on behalf of any organization."

Grossman told Media Matters that "I did not and do not agree with any of (the post's) claims, and never visited the website." reported Grossman's campaign said the candidate does not intend withdraw from the race and did not endorse what was said in the post.

The withdrawn endorsement was first reported by Media Matters and confirmed by The Press of Atlantic City by NRCC spokesman Chris Martin.

“Bigotry has no place in society — let alone the U.S. House of Representatives,” NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers said in a statement. “The NRCC withdraws our support of Seth Grossman and calls on him to reconsider his candidacy. The people of New Jersey’s 2nd District deserve an inclusive Republican candidate who will be a trusted conservative voice in Congress.”

Grossman won the June 5 Republican primary to succeed the retiring Rep. Frank LoBiondo.

The Democratic nominee is state Sen. Jeff Van Drew.

"It's been 29 days since the media first broke the story of Seth Grossman's hateful rhetoric. If the NRCC had done a cursory Google search, or even visited their chosen candidate's website or Facebook page, they'd know what most voters in South Jersey already know. Seth Grossman is unhinged and unfit for office," said Michael Muller, the chief strategist for Van Drew in a statement.

"Chairman Stivers and the NRCC clearly didn't have a moral compass 29 days ago, it's hard to believe they just found religion. This is obviously due to Seth's abysmal fundraising. Jeff Van Drew has raised 10x as much in this past quarter alone as Seth has raised the entire campaign."

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