What would Thanksgiving be without the sides? It would be lonely.

Thankfully, there are sides dishes that help fill the void between the traditional roasted bird and spiced pumpkin pie.

Let’s break free from the routine and try something a little different. And for those who aren’t ready to stray too far from the tryptophan-laden path, there are simple ways to keep the Thanksgiving flavors there. We just want to give you a different vehicle to deliver it in.

Candace Conley, owner/chef of The Girl Can Cook, said her Green Bean Uncasserole offers a fresher take on the side dish.

“I wanted to get away from that yucky casserole with that can of condensed soup, canned onions and all those preservatives,” she said. “This version looks like it, but it tastes a lot better.”

It’s just a matter of rethinking the ingredients, said Devin Levine, executive chef for the Cox Business Center.

Pomegranate is an ingredient that he said comes to mind when he starts thinking about Thanksgiving and holiday meals.

“The challenge is taking the ingredients and putting them in a different combination,” Levine said. “It’s the fun part. We get to be a little creative but still keep it recognizable.”

He offers a recipe with a “healthier side” for an alternative dish to serve with that turkey.

With the help of some of Tulsa’s talented chefs and restaurant owners, you can show your guests you can do more than roast a juicy bird — you can dish out a great side, too.