Mighty Makenna

Under a state takeover since 2016, Atlantic City is facing many challenges, including finding ways to improve the health of its residents.

In our latest Reinventing Atlantic City conversation, Press Staff Writer David Danzis sits down with Dr. Diane Timms, program director for Maternal Fetal Medicine and vice chairwoman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

Timms believes the first issues to address to help residents are reducing the external threats to good health, such as poor housing conditions and lack of access to healthy foods, topics being covered in The Press’ yearlong look at Atlantic City’s path forward.

Once those external threats are addressed, Timms says, access to medical treatment and knowledge of healthy lifestyles can have a greater impact.

In this interview, the focus is on expecting mothers and the city’s youngest residents, their newborn children.

The interview can be watched here and will appear at a later time on the Stockton Channel as part of the Press’ news program, -30-.

This video was made possible through the Community TV Partnership internship, on behalf of the Press of AC and Stockton University.

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