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Those of us who have had the opportunity to have a good professional mentor as we travel through our career paths are well aware of the value they bring—this includes everything from support, encouragement, and motivation; to opening new doors; to networking and job opportunities. The bottom line is that a good mentor is really […]

Those of us who have spent any amount of time in the job market have undoubtedly devoted a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears to getting our resumes just right. We know the prize that’s at stake and the level of competition we’re likely facing in pursuit of our dream job, so putting in […]

Baby Boomers have driven the economy for decades. The youngest of the generation are just now turning 55 (a long-time “dream” age for early retirement), while much of the generation have already reached retirement age. In fact, there are approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day. However, if you are among the many of this […]

Sometimes you see the warning signs coming—you got a bad performance review, or your coworkers are being laid off left and right. Whether it’s the business itself showing signs of budget cuts or just a gut feeling you have, if you’re worried that a layoff is coming your way, now is a smart time to […]

In pop culture, we picture midlife crises in a very specific way. The man who buys the Ferrari. The woman who goes on a soul-searching trip with lots of yoga and beautiful European locales. In real life, though, it can be a lot more subtle than that—and often hits the professional life rather than the […]

It’s interview day. You’ve worked on your handshake, your eye contact, your head-to-toe professional outfit. You know your resume backwards and forwards, and you’ve reviewed the job description so many times you can practically see it when you close your eyes. So, you’re ready. And then in the interview, you get a question you weren’t […]

Part-time jobs can be valuable for people in transition: students needing to support themselves while taking classes, parents who transition from being stay-at-home to entering the workforce, people who want to cover an employment gap, or people looking for an extra side gig to make more money while they pursue other endeavors. The top part-time […]

Whether you have a New Year’s resolution to boost your network or you are gearing up for a job search, sprucing up your LinkedIn profile is a great way to start the year. Let’s look at some strategies for starting your year off right, and setting yourself up for even better connections and opportunities in […]

For decades, there were some hard-and-fast rules about how you should write a resume: good-quality stationery, a rigid reverse-chronological format, only one page long. But as hiring and applying have changed over the past 10-15 years by going digital, so have those rules. What the “rule” now comes down to is this: your resume should […]

“Do what you love”… that’s the dream, right? Everyone fantasizes at some point about quitting their day job and going full-time after something they already love to do, whether it’s a hobby or a secret passion. Steve Jobs once famously said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” So […]

You’ve been plugging along at your job, picking up responsibilities, and rocking it for a while now—and even if you don’t have an annual review coming up for a while, maybe you feel like it’s time to start thinking about a raise. But unless you’re a seasoned negotiator, that may be no small task. If […]

Here’s a question that will inevitably come up at some point (or several points) during your professional journey: Am I being paid what I’m worth? It’s a fair question—and one you should be comfortable with asking yourself whenever you do a “status check” while traveling along your career path. Why? Well, the truth is, in […]