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If there’s one thing you can count on as you travel along your career path, it’s that you’ll encounter some challenging decisions along the way—and the choices you make can have a lasting impact on your professional journey as you move forward. Among those challenges you might encounter is the often-dreaded “position decision.” Does the […]

A new job can often take you to a new, exciting place. But what if you’re ready for the excitement of a change of scenery, but don’t know where to start when it comes to finding a new job? Whether you need to move for family reasons or are simply unsatisfied with your current location, […]

You want a high-paying gig, but without being tied down by a set schedule or a single job. Trouble is, you always thought part-time jobs paid little. Well, you thought wrong. The gig economy is out there, waiting for you. And the best news is: you don’t have to wait to have a college degree […]

Most companies today are keenly aware of the strategic importance of having a well-developed, clearly defined, and easily identifiable company brand and industry-differentiating brand strategy (if they’re not, they likely won’t be around for long anyway. But how much time does you and your organization devote to focusing on employer branding? Chances are, the answer […]

Diversity and inclusivity are major buzz words these days, but for good reason. Culturally, it means embracing differences and understanding that life experience is shared, but varied. Professionally, a diverse employee base can help your organization stay agile and productive, rather than stagnate with the same old ideas and viewpoints. Let’s look at five steps […]

When you’re prepping for a job interview, you are trying to play defense before the other team is even on the field. Before you shake hands, sit down, and make small talk with an interviewer, you need to anticipate (at least a little) of what’s coming up in the heart of the interview. Many of […]

Calling all nurses: Are you working hard and “feeling the burn?” No, not from too much activity, but from burnout. If so, then you should take it seriously—burnout is a serious condition that can impact your ability to perform the essential tasks of your job, as well as your physical and mental well-being—both in the […]

Do you think that creating your resume is a “one and done” process? If so, then think again. The truth is, you should think of your resume as a constantly evolving document—one that changes over time as your background, experience, and skill set expand. It should also be continually tailored and honed to meet the […]

You need to have a job to gain experience, but you need experience to get a job. At the beginning, just about everyone faces this catch-22. Even jobs that seem like entry-level gigs require a resume as part of your application, so how do you craft your resume to make sure you’re presenting a solid, […]

You’re feeling prepared for your interview. You’ve practiced your handshake (firm, confident). You’ve got your talking points down cold and are ready to answer just about any question thrown your way. But are you ready to ask questions yourself? An interview isn’t just fielding questions and making eye contact with your interviewer—it’s a dialogue between […]

When you think about what’s changed the job search more than anything else over the past 10 years or so, it’s probably the exponentially growing influence of social media. Job seekers have learned to be more cautious about what they post online (at least they should be), and it’s opened up a whole new pool […]

Outwardly, your company probably has a standard line when it comes to describing employee salaries—something along the lines of “salary commensurate with performance and experience,” perhaps. Internally, it’s essential to have a close eye on what you’re paying particular employees, whether this aligns with industry standards, and what a particular position is worth to your […]

In the course of your job search, you’ve probably come across someone who talks about how they lucked into some great opportunity, clicked with an interviewer right away, and basically walked away with a job offer on the spot. And you probably hate that person a little, especially if you’ve experienced what just about all […]

Jobs at the top in the HR department often require master’s degrees, years of experience, and more specialized knowledge – but they also come with higher salaries. If you’re in the human resources field (or are looking to enter it and climb the ranks), possess strong interpersonal skills, and want to set your sights higher, […]

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