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If you’ve recently graduated college then congratulations are in order—you’ve reached a significant life milestone and should be proud of your accomplishment! That said, just because you’ve achieved this goal doesn’t mean your work is done. For many people, graduating from college is the starting point for the next big life challenge—the job and career […] Read more

On the annual lists of the best places to work, the tech sector always has a sampling of the hot new startups and companies—but there are also the perennial favorites, like Google and Facebook. This means that the recruiters and hiring teams for these companies are inundated with every kind of applicant and resume you […] Read more

There’s a lot to keep straight when you’re looking for a job. Things you need to put on your resume or else. How to build your brand so that you don’t seem hopelessly out of date. The nuances of interview questions you’re likely to face when you get through the door. And because you’re human, […] Read more

You’re in a job interview, and have been rocking all the usual questions that come your way. What’s your five-year plan? Tell me about your last job. What brought you to this industry in the first place? Then there’s a question that stumps you a little, and you pause. Uh oh, they’ve hit a gap […] Read more

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you know the competition for available openings is tough, no matter what field you hope to enter. This means that when you’re applying for a position that seems to match your background, skill set, and interests, you need to make absolutely sure that your presentation and […] Read more

Job gaps happen, because life happens. Maybe you’ve gotten laid off (or even fired). Maybe you took some time off from working to attend to personal matters, like a health issue, or caring for a child or family member. Our careers aren’t always constant, linear paths. But unfairly or not, having gaps can put you […] Read more

When you’re writing your resume, these days there are a number of different audiences to consider. There’s the hiring manager. There’s the robot resume scanner. And there’s another person altogether: the recruiter. The recruiter is a bit different because they’re focused on the bottom line from the start. Where a hiring manager wants to know […] Read more

What could be better than getting a new job with minimal effort on your part? Yes, it sounds impossible, but you can land a great new job without ever having to apply for it. Sure, the typical path to the next job in your career journey often requires some hard work and dedicated job hunting—searching […] Read more

If you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, you’ve probably been exposed to a wide variety of interview styles and scenarios, all designed to try and get the most accurate reflection of what you’d be like as a potential employee and gauge your value if hired. And chances are you’ve been exposed to—in […] Read more

As a parent, you already know that role is one of the most important jobs out there. Creating and nurturing a tiny human is hard work—work that’s both challenging and rewarding. Some parents return to the workforce after a short leave, either by choice or necessity, while others return after years of being a stay-at-home […] Read more

Attention millennials: Are you gearing up for a job hunt? As someone who’s young and relatively new to the world of work, you may just be starting to realize that the level of competition for available positions out there is intense—which means that you’re going to have to be at the top of your game when […] Read more

Are you looking to take your job hunt to the next level this year? If so, then every aspect of your game needs to be razor sharp—especially your resume. Why is this so important? Along with your cover letter, your resume will serve as your first impression to prospective employers, hiring managers, and HR personnel, […] Read more

“Get a better job” is a very common New Year’s resolution, but it’s also a tough one to get started—especially if winter laziness sets in. It’s not like going to the gym, where you can physically get up and go somewhere and call it a success, even if it’s only one time a week. You […] Read more

When you’re just starting out, negotiating may seem like some far-off point in your career: something you’ll do in your life eventually, like buy a minivan or start watching CBS procedural dramas. After all, you don’t have years of experience to use as leverage yet, right? Wrong! I don’t know how you feel about sensible […] Read more

Having a disability can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t prevent you from achieving your career goals. In additional to laws designed to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace, there are a variety of strategies that you can employ to your advantage when job hunting or while on the job—and knowing your […] Read more

Job hunting today is serious business. Simply put, the competition is tougher than ever for available jobs, which means that every aspect of your job hunting game needs to be razor sharp—including your resume. Don’t forget, in many ways your resume is your “calling card”—it will make your first impression on potential employers for you, […] Read more

If you’re on the job hunt and you’ve played your cards right, then perhaps you’ve found yourself in the following scenario: you’ve successfully made it through a series of interviews, waited patiently, been contacted by a hiring manager or HR representative, and been made a job offer. Often, this is absolutely fantastic news—the end result […] Read more

There’s nothing quite as uniquely stressful as a toxic coworker—and if you’ve been a victim of one you know precisely how difficult a situation he or she can be. They can be toxic for a wide variety of reasons, from a negative energy that they give off to a detrimental effect they have on your […] Read more