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When you think of the phrase “truck driver,” you’re probably envisioning an over-the-road (OTR) truck driver: someone who drives a big rig long distances to deliver a load of freight. As opposed to delivery drivers, who typically have set local routes, OTR truckers can transport goods across the county, state, or even country. There’s something […]

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Delivery drivers are not just necessary for logistics, but also bringers of good things. Think about it—when was the last time a delivery driver brought you bad news? Now think about the last time a delivery driver brought you something awesome, like pizza or the Amazon package you just ordered, like, 10 minutes ago. As […]

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These days, logistics careers are a growing hotspot. People with the skills and know-how to manage the inventory coming in and out of warehouses or bring that specialized skill set to a construction site are going to be in demand for the foreseeable future. Specifically, forklift operators, with their large equipment expertise, are in a […]

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As a consumer society, we own—and keep acquiring—more and more stuff. Much of that stuff is made all around the world, but many products are still produced here in the United States. Although the industry has obviously evolved since the twentieth century manufacturing boom, production workers still have a place in the American job ecosystem. And […]

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So you’re thinking about hitting the open road as a professional Class A driver. And why not? Logistics careers are hot right now, and truck drivers are a key element to getting goods across the country fast. (Those Amazon boxes don’t move themselves.) But even if you already have a regular driver’s license and a […]

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There are 3.5 million truck drivers in this country. But forecasts indicate that over the next 10 years, 1.7 million truck drivers might be out of a job and replaced with robots—the powers that be claim that driverless trucks would be safer and cheaper than the human-driven versions. It’s not just truckers. Analysts predict that, […]

It may not always look like like it from the outside, but trucking is tough. Life on the road with the radio blaring might seem a bit fun, but along with some of the perks can unfortunately come a lot of downsides. According to recent studies, here are the top reasons a truck driver might […]

Long haul driving is hard. Period. Truck drivers are said to work 70-hour work weeks, but we all know the reality is more like 90. Compared to a normal office worker, clocking in at 40 hours a week, this is already a recipe for exhaustion. Add in the fact that off-duty time, usually spent waiting […]

Whether you are interested in a career in logistics, or you, like most of us, have no idea what that entails, then read on. Logistics jobs, particularly those in supply chain management, or SCM, work with business or organizational supply—developing and maintaining relationships, making sure materials get where they are going safely and on schedule, […]