Better than Vegas: Why New Jersey online casinos beat the rest

Before planning your next trip to Vegas, consider that it might not be your best option. With online casinos booming, many New Jersey gamers are turning to an internet alternative. One internet alternative offered in New Jersey is

"New Jersey allows for a full range of casino and poker games to be offered online, while Nevada’s iGaming market is limited to poker games only," according to the AGA Survey of the Casino Industry.

The following reasons are why New Jersey online casinos beat the rest.

1. Ease of access 

"You can pick up your phone or laptop at any time of day wherever you are as long as you are inside New Jersey and you can play," explains Ken Adams, Head of New Jersey Operations at Rush Street Interactive /

Whenever gamers want access to gambling, internet casinos create an immediate link to the games they love. Whether using a phone, laptop, tablet or other mode of internet access, signing up to an online casino is a lot faster and affordable than traveling to Las Vegas.

2. Many familiar and favorite casino game brads are online

If there is a specific game that interests a player, that game can most likely be found online.

"The 450+ casino games we offer on our site consist of many the same branded slot games that you can play in a casino in Vegas," says Adams.

The same manufacturer that produces the games for the land-based casinos develops games for the online casinos, he explains. He also points out that online casinos probably have a bigger selection of games than land-based casinos, since some companies specialize in making games only for online use.

3. Online casinos have more space for players 

A land-based casino has a limited number of each game. If each seat is taken, then other players will have to wait for a turn. Online, an unlimited number of people can play the same game. 

"Online, we have unlimited space. So it doesn't really matter if 10 people are playing a game or if a thousand are playing a game," says Adams. “Also, online is great if you just want to get away from the crowds and just relax by playing on your own.”

4. Online casinos offer new types of player bonuses

While brick-and-mortar casinos may not hand out bonuses or match a player's money, online casinos do this all the time. As players continue to play, they may also be able to accumulate loyalty points to use in real time toward gaining bonuses and gaming on the site.  At, there is a unique bonus store that enables players to redeem loyalty points they’ve earned whenever they wish to play promotional games to win more free play.

5. Players can choose their level of interaction 

When online, players can choose how much interaction they want to have with other people.

"In a physical casino, you don't have a choice," says Adams. "Online, the experience is much more tailored to what you want. If you want to chat, you can chat on our site. But if you don't want to chat, you can be left alone and do what you want, which is play the games. is the only casino in New Jersey that offers a site wide chat room while you are playing your casino games."

6. Online casinos are cheaper to play in

"Your entertainment money lasts much longer when you are online," says Adams. "What I mean by that is that the limits for slot machines and table games are set lower online."

His casino has set its games at the lowest limit possible, he points out. That's because there isn't a capacity issue online, and the internet casinos can accommodate more gamers at once. Also, players don't have to pay more to get a space. While the Las Vegas casinos are concerned about maximizing what they can win from each game, online casinos don't need to worry about maximizing each game because they can host as many players as they'd like.

Picking up your phone is also cheaper than traveling to Vegas.

"You don't have to spend money on buying flights, hotels, eat-outs, maybe hiring a baby sitter if you have kids,” says Adams. “It's much cheaper for a customer to just pick up their phone or laptop and play online.

7. Online casinos can offer free games

Demo games, while not really a wide option for land-based casinos, are prevalent online. Games may be offered in demo mode, giving the player a chance to try the game out before betting money through it. even offers free bingo games on the site where players can win free bonus money.

When looking for the best online casino, players should pay attention to what monetary limits are being set by each casino. They should also pay attention to what bonus requirements the casino specifies and what tools they offer for responsible play.

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