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In the job hunt, some things have quietly started going away, like resumes on expensive paper or a “references available upon request” line. But what about the good old cover letter? Is that still a thing? Yes…but (and there’s always a but) it’s not the important application factor that it used to be. The cover […]

Those of us who have spent any amount of time in the job market have undoubtedly devoted a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears to getting our resumes just right. We know the prize that’s at stake and the level of competition we’re likely facing in pursuit of our dream job, so putting in […]

For decades, there were some hard-and-fast rules about how you should write a resume: good-quality stationery, a rigid reverse-chronological format, only one page long. But as hiring and applying have changed over the past 10-15 years by going digital, so have those rules. What the “rule” now comes down to is this: your resume should […]

Do you think that creating your resume is a “one and done” process? If so, then think again. The truth is, you should think of your resume as a constantly evolving document—one that changes over time as your background, experience, and skill set expand. It should also be continually tailored and honed to meet the […]

Take a look at your resume. What words jump out at you? If you’re like most people, phrases like “was responsible for” or “worked on” are probably in there somewhere. And those phrases are totally…fine. But if you want to make your resume stand out from the rest of the people who were responsible for […]

On the annual lists of the best places to work, the tech sector always has a sampling of the hot new startups and companies—but there are also the perennial favorites, like Google and Facebook. This means that the recruiters and hiring teams for these companies are inundated with every kind of applicant and resume you […]

Job gaps happen, because life happens. Maybe you’ve gotten laid off (or even fired). Maybe you took some time off from working to attend to personal matters, like a health issue, or caring for a child or family member. Our careers aren’t always constant, linear paths. But unfairly or not, having gaps can put you […]