ShopRite Classic Pro-Am

David Weinberg and Julieta Granada enjoyed a fun round in the  ShopRite LPGA Classic Pro-Am on Thursday.

Poppy was hurting Wednesday.

It didn’t take long to realize that when you’re on the back nine of life, golf is a little tough three days after completing a triathlon.

That became apparent on the first tee of the pro-am of the ShopRite LPGA Classic. I was among 300 participants — the biggest such gathering on any professional golf tour — three days after leaping off the Cape May-Lewes Ferry during the Escape the Cape Triathlon in Lower Township.

I was one of the amateurs in pro Julieta Granada’s team that tackled the Pines Course.

Because one of the players didn’t show up, we were free to take an extra shot. Julieta and the two other partners nominated me to take two drives on the first hole.

Big mistake.

Coffee-infused adrenaline took over, and I somehow sent a Calloway with “No. 1 Poppy” written on it — don’t laugh, they were a Christmas gift from my two grandsons — up the middle of the fairway, 10 yards past Granada’s drive.

Julieta and her mother/caddie, Rosa, clapped. I tried to smile while a bolt of pain shot through my left leg, hip and lower back, reminders of an inflamed sciatic nerve and strained piriformis muscle that had led to treatments by an acupunturist and chiropractor for the last six weeks.