Since 1963, United Methodist Communities at The Shores has been providing abundant life to older adults in Ocean City, New Jersey. UMC at The Shores is constantly changing and improving their services of assisted living for older adults in South Jersey.


Located throughout New Jersey, UMC has four full-service communities and five senior housing communities. In Ocean City, all services are offered on campus- making life easier for residents and their families. When you choose The Shores, you are choosing continuity in services and care for your loved ones.


In addition to the unique services The Shores provide, the staff at The Shores are experienced, professional, and involved with the residents and the surrounding community. There is a sense of family between the staff and residents on The Shores’ campus. The family-oriented nature of the staff exudes on a daily basis as they serve residents. It takes a village to make residents feel at home and the village at The Shores are fully trained in their areas of expertise.

Even before your loved one becomes a resident of The Shores, they instantly feel like family with the staff and culture on The Shores’ campus. The Shores offers peace of mind living while caring for those who need assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, hospice, and memory care.

At The Shores, they are predominantly all technology, evolving with the technological advancements that take place regularly. Over the years there has been a shift from paper charts to electronic medical charts. This shift has improved continuity throughout the medical care they provide to their residents. Physicians are able to have a direct view of what’s going on with every resident, assessment tools, and care plans are available at a quick glance. Technology has also made communicating with families of the residents so much easier.

UMC At The Shores is dedicated to giving back to the surrounding community and the families of those that are under their care. They offer many events throughout the year and can be found on their website: https://theshores.umcommunities.org/events/. If you are interested in receiving invites to events hosted by UMC At The Shores, reach out by calling (609) 399-8505 to be placed on an invite list.

UMC At The Shores is there with you every step of the way when taking care of your loved ones. They are constantly growing the services and amenities already in place to meet the needs of the community and older adults in South Jersey. If you or your loved one are in need of adult care, feel free to give UMC At The Shores a call at (609) 399-8505.

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