Mchael Dante

What scumbags, burning they're own community down - I hope every single one of those protestors become homeless

So tired of hearing these people complain and protesting, listen to the police and shut your mouths

Craven Moorehead III commented on Woman struck by vehicle, killed in Longport

An 86 year old kills an 85 year old, the old bat should not have been driving

Craven Moorehead III commented on Lower Township police find missing 16-year-old girl

We are now wasting resources on bored teenagers who leave their homes for a few hours? Pathetic...

I hope we are shut down for another 2 months, I could use the rest and relaxation a d when we do reopen we can downsize and get rid of a lot of Deadwood that shouldn't be working there in the first place

Craven Moorehead III commented on This is no time for tourism, lawmakers say

Great, some idiot from The Rotten Apple(NYC) just has to come down here, another idiot who just couldn't listen to orders not to travel - wonder how many will die thanks to his selfish attitude?

It's an absolute disgrace that AC casinos are still open - you get slobs from all over the world coughing in your face, sneezing, picking their noses and spitting on the floor - yay the joys of being a casino dealer. I guess after a few deaths the owners will cut back staff a bit

A Trump protest song? That will go over like a fart in church in Atlantic County. Only a total fool would protest the best president this country has seen in the last 50 years, more jobs, roaring economy and no new wars plus throwing the illegal trash out of the country, yeah he is doing …

Please vote out the mayor system, these people have proven they can't govern themselves and have no idea what to do with the billions of dollars generated from the casinos. AC streets should be paved in gold by now but the city is no better than a "Camden by the Sea".,,

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