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Press copy editor since 2006, copy desk chief since 2014. Masters in journalism from Temple University, 2006. My weekly comics blog, Wednesday Morning Quarterback, appears Wednesday mornings at PressofAC.com.

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Avid comics reader since 1993, started The Press’ comics blog, Wednesday Morning Quarterback, in 2015. Has self-published three novels, the latest of which is Magic Pier.

Bernie Wrightson, a longtime comics artist best known for his work in horror and for co-creating the DC character Swamp Thing, died last week …

Iron Fist #1: Danny Rand is having trouble harnessing his chi (maybe he’s been reading the reviews of his Netflix show, ba-dum ching). Watch o…

Comics fans woke up Sunday to news of the death of industry legend Bernie Wrightson, whose detailed line work took him from the co-creation of…


Amazing Spider-Man #25: A giant-sized 25th issue can mean only one thing: A Spidey-Norman Osborn fight. Stuart Immomen (“Nextwave: Agents of H…

Want to know how good a marksman the Suicide Squad’s Deadshot is? He took out Satan.


This week's episode of FXX's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" revealed a lot. So Maxwell Reil and Dan Grote are here to discuss the finale …

TOMS RIVER — An Ocean Gate man has admitted running a rental scam with a house in Lacey Township that was not his.

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