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I'm gonna laugh so hard when the stocks come crashing down to 0 and all those repubicans and fake, traitor Democrats who sold their souls to trump" cus their 401's and investments are doing well, will go screaming and crying to the PO house...


Maria Maria commented on Boston Market in Somers Point closes

Wow seems like the economy is doing great! No Payless, no Kmart,. No Boston market and I hear acme and Macy's going soon too! No sweat those places had low paying part time jobs anyway. Thanks Trump! For such a great economy!

I'm sure it'll be packed. Sad to say the Cult of Trump is growing due to hatred of Muslims and Latinos.

What was Nicky Scarfos first wife name and are all his kids from her?

We ALL have our tax dollars go towards what goes against our beliefs at some point or another. It's called Democracy. You think it doesn't go against everything in my being to have as president a predator who has legislated and put into practice the abuse of asylum seekers , detaining the…

This was a great decision.

Stop the bullying. Live and let live. Young people from this community have extremely high rates of suicide resulting from constant hatred and ostracization, not only from their peers but also from so called Christians who should be including kids from thi…

I feel so horrible for him and the family. I pray they find justice.

So tragic.

Reduce property taxes if you want to reduce foreclosures. No lower working class people can afford 8000. A year property tax on a tiny bungulo, which is what I have and pay. Three houses around me have foreclosed. I almost did too. I'm in Linwood.

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