Fog covers Atlantic City

A thick fog covers Atlantic City on Wednesday morning. The fog gave way to sunshine that set a temperature record of 73 degrees at Atlantic City International Airport.

NOTE: This article covers conditions through Friday. A separate article covering Florence’s impacts in South Jersey is on C1.

Temperatures peak midweek as humid and warm weather reminds us of the summer months.

Similar to Tuesday, Wednesday morning will start with areas of fog. This is due to two factors: 1. An onshore fetch of winds that continues to blow in, and; 2. Morning low temperatures that are close to the dew points. Temperatures, and dew points, start around or just above 70 degrees.

Fog will then burn off by about 9 a.m. A mostly cloudy day follows. A front will sit over us during the day. The amount of sunshine will ultimately determine how much rain we have (the more sun, the more storms). However, I believe we just get into isolated showers/storms.

But any storm that does materialize has the potential to bring torrential downpours. The moisture content in the atmosphere is near the maximum we see for the middle of September.

It is not the worst day to hit the beach, though. Highs will be at, or just above, 80 everywhere.

Wednesday night is then likely dry as we lose the heating of the day. Keep the air conditioning on, with lows in the low to mid 70s.

I am going with a likely dry forecast for Thursday. Hurricane Florence’s influence will begin to be felt as some dry air around the system gets pushed into the region. Models are showing some showers/storms, and I can’t completely discount it, but I believe the story is that it’s far from a washout. Highs will again reach near or just above 80 degrees.

Hurricane Florence will bring its fury somewhere between North Carolina and Virginia on Thursday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

It has the potential to stall out (more on that in the other article) due to a large high pressure sitting somewhere in Eastern Canada. I believe this is enough to stuff the rain away at least for one more day.

It may not look the nicest, though. Expect a cloudy sky with a southeast wind that starts to pile water up along the shores again. Highs will get into the 70s.

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