We start mostly sunny, but clouds quickly build during the day. Highs will be in the 50s. Then, the coastal storm arrives.

When will it start?

Rain will begin between 6 and 9 p.m., starting in Cape May and working north with time.

When will the worst rain and wind be?

The wind and rain will pick up Friday evening. However, the worst will be after midnight, lasting until around sunrise Saturday morning.

When does it end?

The windswept rainfall will be out of here between 5 and 8 a.m. Saturday. Then, low clouds will linger. Winds and coastal flooding will still be elevated. However, I believe it will be more rain-free than not during the day.

Which of these will be the worst: Rain, wind or coastal flooding?

I’ll break it down, in order of concern.

Winds (tie) — I’d be concerned about some power outages Friday night into Saturday morning. Sustained winds of 15-30 mph will be expected, with gusts of 35-50 mph, highest at the shore.

Coastal flooding (tie) — Expect moderate flood stage Saturday morning. Saturday evening will then see minor to widespread moderate flood stage. It will be likely that minor flood stage continues into the back bays during the Sunday morning high tide and possibly Sunday night as well.

Rain — A widespread 1 to 2 inches will be expected, highest along the coast. Spotty ponding of roads will mean tricky traveling. However, the large bulk of this will come late Friday night into early Saturday. So most of the daylight hours likely will be OK.

How about the waters?

Gale warnings will be in effect for the canyons. Gale watches will be in effect closer to shore from 11 p.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Saturday. If you want to take the skiff out, wait until at least Sunday, or try it Friday.

What will Sunday be like?

Pretty comfortable! We will be perfectly caught between two systems Sunday. While I will not rule out a shower anywhere, most, if not all of the day will be dry. Expect a mix of clouds and sun, with a high around 60. So if you’re heading out, to say Lawnfest in Ventnor, you should be alright.

I hear there’s another coastal on the way?

This will be true. I will eye Monday as a low-pressure system dives out of Canada, whirls around a closed, upper level low pressure (part of this system) and then spins off the shore. It will not be as significant as this one, though.


This is my first newspaper but not my first forecast for NJ. I graduated with a B.S. in Meteorology from Rutgers. Two TV internships gave me a taste for the newsroom. Then, after nearly 4 years in private NJ weather, I'm forecasting South Jersey for you.

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