Mostly Cloudy Ocean City

The combination of an approaching cold front and a close call with a coastal storm will make the first half of our week gray and tumultuous before the crisp, fall air moves back in.

Monday morning will feel very much like Sunday morning. Cloud cover and a twinge of humidity will prevail. The south wind will continue to blow.

A cold front will inch eastward during the day. As the sun rises, which, by the way, will be our first 7 a.m. of the season, the rain shield will still be about 200 miles to our west.

As long as you will be OK with a stiff southwest wind around 15 mph, it’ll be a good day for outdoor work or plans. It’ll be a warm day, too, with afternoon highs in the mid- to upper 70s.

After about 4 p.m., sprinkles or drizzle will move in from onshore. However, we will remain mostly dry through the early evening, with temperatures sliding through the 70s.

Between 9 p.m. and midnight, from west to east, a line of rain showers will move in. The line will be scattered but will bring some heavier downpours. This will continue through much of the night, ending everywhere by about 5 a.m. Tuesday.

However, don’t put the umbrellas away or open the windows just yet. As noted in the column Sunday, a coastal storm will gain latitude, moving north. Model trends have taken this storm further west in the past day or so.

This puts rain in the realm of possibility for Tuesday. Expect some rain during the day, mainly along the shore. I don’t expect a washout anywhere, and if you will be in Hammonton or Bridgeton, your day will mostly be dry.

Regardless, it’ll be another dreary, cloudy day. It’ll be windy, too, blowing from the northeast around 15 mph. Highs will be in the mid to upper 60s, so wear an extra layer.

Rain shower potential will carry into Tuesday night as well.

By Wednesday morning, the rain from the storm system should leave. I’m still keeping clouds in the forecast, though, since the storm will still be strengthening, and the cloud cover from the storm will be expansive. With an onshore flow, temperatures will remain capped around seasonable levels for the day.

With this storm nearby, expect some coastal flooding. This will likely be Wednesday and Thursday but possibly Tuesday, too. Flood stage should be minor, thankfully, bringing the usual coastal flooding we see. Furthermore, there’ll be some beach erosion to deal with, along with high seas and rip currents.

Storm season is here, South Jersey.

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