Alexa Trischler

Alexa Trischler, Press of Atlantic City freelance meteorologist.

The first full week of the new month starts with a dry and mild Monday.

Breezes will be steadily higher for today. Rather cloudy skies is what to expect. A high temperature just two degrees shy of 60 will be present. During the day, a cold front will pass through the region, but those temperatures will reach their maximum potential before the front arrives.

Hard to believe it is December! However, colder temperatures are on their way and will stick around all week. By Monday night, it will be in the mid 30s.

Tuesday stays dry. Much like the rest of the week. The high will only be 44.

The week is quiet, but cooler weather is due to a high pressure system locked in over the region. A few atmospheric disturbances are in play, but luckily, nothing substantial will come to affect the area. Don’t expect to get wet this week, finally!

Wednesday will have spurts of sun and clouds. A high temperature of 40 indicating the season of winter is just a few weeks away.

Thursday is much like Wednesday. There will be parts of the day with sun, and others more clouded. Winds will be a bit higher but not very significant.

Friday will be quite windy and mostly sunny, raising the high for the day just a couple degrees to 44. Nighttime is going to be pretty chilly, dropping to 26.

Saturday is a calm day with some high clouds. Sunshine will be able to pass through those clouds, brightening up the day. Still, staying chilly.

There is a potential coastal system in the works for Sunday. Further forecasts will be able to tell if this system actually pans out. Much uncertainty at this point on whether the track could either deliver an all-rain event, wintry mix, snow or nothing at all.

Either way, Sunday offers nothing but clouds. It will again be chillier, reaching only 42.

Joe will be back Tuesday to give an on-point forecast to guide South Jersey on its exciting journey through possible wintry weather next weekend.

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