Weather on The AC Boardwalk

Marian Romaero and Darryl Durham, of Long Island, New York, stroll the Atlantic City Boardwalk in April 18’s near 60-degree sunshine.

High pressure dominates the weather pattern for the next two days. All attention will then focus on storms for the end of the week.

A big, beautiful high pressure is situated in West Virginia. We start Tuesday in the upper 20s to mid-30s. A few areas of fog will be present, but it will burn off quickly.

Then, with full sunshine, high temperatures rise into the mid to upper 50s. While not as warm as last Tuesday, it is still nice. You could even open the windows for an hour or two during the afternoon.

We will then wash, rinse and repeat for Wednesday. You will need the winter jacket to start but can lose it for the middle of the day.

The only difference will be the extra afternoon clouds. Highs approach 60 degrees.

All eyes then focus on the storm for the end of the week. Low pressure will move into the Midwest on Thursday. As it does, a secondary area of low pressure will develop off our coast.

Then, on Friday, that Midwest low will consolidate into a coastal low and strengthen. Low pressure stalls a few hundred miles offshore through the weekend.

What does this mean for us?

Rain (some snow?)

Rain will fall from Thursday p.m. to Saturday a.m. The heaviest rain will be at some point Friday. It will be enough to create some stream/creek flooding. There will be isolated pockets of roadway flooding. Snow looks unlikely for us, but there is still time. Heavy precipitation can drag down cooler air. If it happens at night, snow may fall. I will put this at a 20-percent chance.


Sustained winds Friday will be easterly between 20-25 mph, which is enough to knock over your garbage can. Gusts will be in the 30s on the mainland and 40s at the shore.

Coastal flooding

This will be most concerning. The combination of the full moon Thursday and east winds will promote at least minor flood stage from Thursday afternoon through Saturday morning.


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