Low-pressure systems will continue to ride around the region for Sunday, continuing into the beginning of the new week. However, washouts are not likely.

A low-pressure system is sitting in the Delmarva, accompanied by a warm front which also remains to our south. This yields another unsettled day, as locations north of the warm front remain the wettest. After the warm front passes, drier weather comes, though we watch for strong storms.


Chilly, damp and cloudy weather was not going to stop Dylan Herrera, 7, of Kearny, Hudson County, from searching for seashells May 29 on the South Carolina Avenue Beach in Atlantic City.

This warm front will sit south of us all day. If you’re looking for dry time, focus on the morning, as I believe only isolated showers/storms will be around.

Then, during the afternoon, storm risks blossom again. It won’t rain the whole time, but large chunks of dry time are unlikely for most. Again we will have to watch for road flooding in the heaviest downpours, so be aware of the situation. Highs will be about 80 to 85.

After sunset, the activity should reduce itself to isolated, leading to a mostly dry night. I believe it’ll be an OK night for the Boardwalk. Lows will be between 70 and 75.

Monday morning will then see the low-pressure system move right over South Jersey.

This will take the already healthy amount of moisture available and bump it up a notch. This could be the day where road and stream flooding is most problematic. Give yourself extra time driving. However, it will not be a washout and more than half the day will be dry. Temperatures will be seasonable, though muggy.

Like Sunday night, Monday night will see hit or miss showers. Lows will again be between 70 and 75.

Tuesday will see the low pressure move away. The morning will start dry. However, there should be enough juice left over to bring spotty afternoon thunderstorms. Temperatures remain similar to Monday, though we should get periods of sunshine to add to it.

Wednesday through Friday will then see the sunshine increase along with the temperature, possibly making it the third heat wave of 2018.

The nuisance type minor coastal flooding will extend into the Sunday, and likely the Monday, evening high tides. Per usual, the first block or two of bayside roads will have water on them, but that would be all.


This is my first newspaper but not my first forecast for NJ. I graduated with a B.S. in Meteorology from Rutgers. Two TV internships gave me a taste for the newsroom. Then, after nearly 4 years in private NJ weather, I'm forecasting South Jersey for you.