Jim, 57, and Roberta Nicholas, 52, of Sicklerville, watch planes rehearse for the Atlantic City Airshow on Tuesday.

Thursday will mark the final day of oppressive heat in South Jersey. Every day this week has felt like it was just shy of 100 degrees, and today will be no different. Stay hydrated and cool, and remember that relief is on the way.

During the early hours Thursday, expect patchy fog to be dispersed throughout the area for the morning commute. Humidity is going to be quite intense, and high temperatures will simmer in the low 90s. There will be plenty of sunshine all day, so there is no escaping that heat. The chance for thunderstorms does exist, likely in the afternoon and evening. However, most of the day will be dry. Showers and a few storms may last overnight into Friday morning.

Temperatures will begin their decline Friday. Friday morning also will see areas of patchy to dense fog. High temperatures will settle near 80 on the mainland and stay in the upper 70s at the beach. With a cold front that will meander south, South Jersey will likely see a cloudy sky. Friday evening may present a chance for a few showers and a storm.

Two rounds of storms will exist Friday, the first in the early morning and the second in the evening.

High pressure will likely build in the region over the weekend. But a forecast model scenario could potentially lead to a wet Saturday morning, wrapping up around dawn.

The rest of Saturday though will be gorgeous. Humidity and temperatures will stay down, creating ideal conditions. Low temperatures Saturday night will be refreshingly nice, in the low 60s.

Sunday will bring another comfortable day, and this time it is possible South Jersey will not see 80 degrees at all. And this may happen again Monday.

Monday is appearing to be on the windy side with a potential shower and thunderstorm. Seasonable temperatures will last until Tuesday, again possibly with intermittent rain.

Alexa Trischler, a broadcast meteorologist in West Virginia and native of South Jersey, is filling in while Press Meteorologist Joe Martucci is away.

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